What Is A Fit Model?

This behind-the-scenes profession within the fashion industry is absolutely essential.

What is a fit model

So you’re wondering: What is a fit model? When people talk about the fashion industry, designers and runway models often come to mind. There are so many flashy, high profile gigs in the field that it’s easy to overlook the behind-the-scenes jobs within the fashion industry that are equally important.

While we’re used to models acting as the face of fashion lines, their are plenty of modeling gigs in the industry that go overlooked completely. One little-known kind of model, called a “fit model,” plays one of the most integral roles in the fashion industry — even though it’s likely you’ll never see their faces on a catwalk or in a magazine.

What Is A Fit Model?

A fit model is someone used by fashion designers or manufacturing companies to test the fit and visual appeal of a design on a real human being before they roll out the final version of the product. In other words, a fit model is a human mannequin for designers to see how clothing would look out in the real world, instead of relying on how their product looked on paper.

But that’s not to say that these models are nothing but inanimate objects to people in the industry. In fact, they can play important roles in the design and make of a product. These models are often asked to comment on the feel of the fabric, the flow of the design, and the comfort of the clothing, and their feedback is used as constructive criticism for perfecting the garment.

What Are The Requirements Of A Fit Model?

Fit models can be men or women and can come in all sizes. In fact, it’s important that they come in all sizes so that designers can evaluate how different sizes of the same design fits on different body types. For instance, for female fit models, there are five basic types of fit to be fulfilled: junior, missy, contemporary, plus-size, and petite. Still, people in the fashion industry often don’t choose just anyone to be fit models. They often look for people who have well-proportioned and symmetrical bodies.

When choosing fit models, designers also look for people who are verbal and articulate, as their feedback is integral for the final product. After all, constructive criticism that can help better the product will increase sales and decrease return rates, which is ultimately the goal for commercial designers.

How Much Do Fit Models Make?

Now that you have an answer to the question “What is a fit model?” you be wondering about how much you can make in this profession. While the pay for fit models may fluctuate drastically depending on modeling experience and the manufacturing company, the national average annual pay for fit models is a little under $46k a year. However, it’s important to note that the majority of fit models actually make less than this figure — if you’re hoping to jump into this profession, it’s probably best to do a little research to make sure you’ll be able to bring in a livable wage.

How Do You Become A Fit Model?

Like with most jobs in the fashion industry, there are certain cities that are lucrative for a career in fit modeling. In the U.S., for instance, New York and Los Angeles are the prime locations to live, as most of the jobs for this type of modeling are found in these two cities.

But of course, it’s not just about location — it’s about how you put yourself out there. Like with other modeling gigs, most fit models find they’re more successful if they sign on with a modeling agency that specializes in this sect of the fashion industry. However, you don’t have to have an agent or an agency representing you to snag a job in this field. Try being proactive and reaching out directly to clothes manufacturing companies to ask for their fit modeling requirements and possible openings for positions.

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