How To Double Your Instagram Following

If you want to organically gain followers on Instagram, you need to know how you should be making your page worth the follow. Paying for followers just means you have numbers, not followers. If we’re being honest, all of those bots and spam accounts that follow you will disappear, so having organic, real life people following you is key. You need to plan ahead, be honest, and be strategic about the way you brand yourself and your content.

How To Double Your Instagram Following

Brand yourself. 

You have to find the right approach and create the right style of your feed. It will definitely take some time to figure out how you will represent yourself and what you want people to know. You have to work towards branding yourself! Have a profile photo that catches the eye. Clean up your bio a bit, with a link to your website (if you have one!) or a little blurb about yourself so people know what you’re about even before they get into your photos.

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Use hashtags.

Potential followers can find you through the hashtags but it only works if you’re using them correctly. Post hashtags in the comment section so your post appears more polished. Don’t use too many hashtags, but what you do use should be relevant to your post. it should match with whatever you’re posting, but quality or more popular tags could be good too.

Create and publish content that the audience will enjoy.

Creating content for a target audience is going to take some planning. Sure, you want your Instagram to represent who you are, but you also want your audience to be attracted to you and what you post, and sometimes that doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Maybe you have a certain color palette for your photos. Maybe every other post is a white background with a quote. Whatever the case, you have to figure out a way to present yourself in a way that you and your followers will enjoy.

Interact with your followers and your following. 

Respond to comments and questions people leave on your photos. It makes everything you post more personal and people are more inclined to engage with you if you notice them. As for people you follow, whose accounts that are similar to yours? Comment on their photos, just as your followers would comment on yours. Ask questions or give a compliment. You’ll get noticed that way. Engagement is key!

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Post consistently. 

You want to try and post photos nearly every day, if not everyday. The more photos you have, the more hashtags you can use. The more hashtags, the more engagement you’ll get on your photos. Staying active is key. You could even interact with your followers and ask them what kind of content they’d like to see, how frequently they’d want to see a certain type of post, etc. People want to connect with you, but only if you have something worth responding to.