20 Inspirational Creators on The Hub

The H Hub is full of inspirational creators. Let’s take a look at some of the quality creatives on our platform.

Inspirational Creators
Inspirational Creators / Photo by @RusticBones

As we know, The Hub is a community for inspirational creators. Their mission is to connect creators to each other and to brands. You are part of a community full of people like you. Everyone is a creative, everyone has a passion, everyone has a purpose. As a member you have a creative world at your fingertips. There are currently 27,659 members of The Hub. Everyday that number grows. Think of all of the inspiration, collaboration, and growth that can come from searching fellow creatives and making new friends.

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So, I thought I would do some work for you. Below are some accounts that you should check out on The Hub. Whether you are a model or photographer these inspirational creators are worth checking out. 

Inspirational Creators on the Hub 

1. Isaac Moreno (@isaacrmoreno)

Isaac is a lifestyle and travel photographer. He also does video work and has a youtube channel that you can find by visiting his Instagram profile. His photos are of the PNW and they capture the wildness and lure of pine forests and majestic waterfalls perfectly. Scrolling through his photos will undoubtedly make you want to hop on a place and explore Oregon!

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2. Thomas Mioc (@thomasmioc)

Thomas is currently in Bothell, WA. I picked his profile because of the variety that he has within his photos. There are moody beach shots, breathtaking mountain shots, cabins, vans, and the occasional lifestyle photo. I love the colors, his editing style, and the explore vibes that I feel when I am on his page.

Inspirational Creators

3.Danny Fedoruk (@dannyfedoruk)

Danny is from Seattle, WA. He has both the outdoor aesthetic and quite a few city photos sprinkled in. He takes more pictures of people. I love his portraits because of the movement that is evident in all of them. It makes the moment look and feel genuine to the viewer. It’s a fun page and will bring you a lot of great ideas for posing, which is helpful for both models and photographers.

4. Gustavo Quiros (@gustavoaquiros)

Gustavo is a New England based travel and lifestyle photographer. He switches up his color palette often. There are landscapes from Scotland, portraits done in cabins, and some pretty intense cave photos currently posted. His photos will give you a very accurate sense of place and his earlier night photography is entrancing.

Inspirational Creators

5. Willow Fantino (@willowfantino)

Willow is a model who spends her time in both Seattle, WA and Bali. Her photos are a mixture of fun and serious. Plus she has amazing hair! She has a lot of variety which I love. I look at her page often to help me with my facial expressions and my side eye looks.

6. Jenna Kay (@jennakayphotography)

Jenna is a Michigan based photographer. She does commercial, wedding, conceptual, and family photography. The models she works will are all so different, and they all have their own personalities in each photos which I feel Jenna does a really great job portraying. Creepy doll, indoor, outdoor, horses, milkshakes you name it. It’s a cool profile.

7. Carla Morris (@carlaannne)

Carla is a photographer who lives in South Wales. She does Portraits, elopements, travel, and commercial photos. A lot of her Instagram are landscape photos. But she has a knack for choosing her color scheme. 

Inspirational Creators

8. Isaiah Stofferahn (@isaiahphoto)

Isaiah is a photographer who is currently in Iceland. His photos are so beautiful. All of them seem so different to be, but they still appear cohesive in his feed. He has abstract photos of rivers running through snow, self portraits, drone scapes, tent pictures, and commercial style photos of watches and cameras. If you are looking for variety that works well in a grid format then this is the account you should check out.

9. Elle Storset (@ellestorset)

Elle is a photographer, videographer, and model. She is based in Seattle, Washington. Her photos make me want to travel. She has a lot of different models in her feed as well as photos of herself. She also keeps her themes in check. Right now the colors are a bit colder, but if you scroll down you will see greens and golds for her tropical photos. I can tell by looking that a lot of thought went behind each post. Her captions are killer too!

10. Joshua Guiles (@joshuaguiles)

Joshua is a photographer and videographer currently in San Diego, CA. His editing style is very vibrant. I like this a lot because it’s bold and different from what I normally follow on Instagram. He also does a lot of really cool editing with his photos. His profile is energetic, fun, and very real. He shows the world what he sees and even with his edits it comes across as unfiltered.

Inspirational Creators

11. Allee G (@alleewild)

Allee is a photographer, model, and writer. Her account looks like one big adventure. It feels like there is a storyline to follow along with. She has portraits of herself, photos with friends, of hikes, of landscape, and of tents and cars. They are scattered together so you get a sense of movement and as a follower you are riding along on whatever journey she is on.

12. Tayler Steven (@taylersteven)

Tayler is a photographer in Portland, OR. His editing style is similar but all of the colors are different. The images vary as well. From mountains, to forest, to coast, to tropical, to city. He has so much to offer. It’s exciting because you don’t know what he will post next.

13. Leah Laliberte (@hael)

Mainly known on Instagram as Hael she is a photographer and model from Minnesota. Her photos are very bright and lively with a high contrast look, but it works because she’s consistent. Her page changes with the season. In the fall she had a lot of warmth and cabin vibe photos, now she’s transitioned to tropical. The photos are mainly her visiting cool places, her page is a fun and carefree view on life. She’s definitely my daily reminder to worry less and to book that flight somewhere wonderful, you only live one.

Inspirational Creators

14. Evan Batky (@evanbatky)

Evan is a photographer in Geneva, Switzerland. He captures beautiful portraits as well as travel/adventure photos. A very mountainous and moody profile coming your way. The women he photographs are so varied and he makes every photo speak to you. Lots of love to his page.

Inspirational Creators

15. Kait Vanhoff (@kaitvanhoff)

Kait is a traveler and model based in Utah. You can tell from her profile that she loves the outdoors and has a very adventurous spirit. She’s the perfect combination of serious and fun loving. I am obsessed with her blonde hair and the way she makes all her poses look so natural and effortless.

Inspirational Creators

16. Ashley Brehm (@ashleyinwanderland)

Ashley is a photographer and model living in Oregon. I have been following her for a while and I always love her content. She takes wonderful portraits of people, but is a beautiful model herself. A lot of feeling goes into all her photos and you can tell what she’s passionate about. She’s not worried about a set theme, she wants people to know who she is and what she stands for and it shows clearly through her work.

17. Eastlyn Bright (@eastlyn_)

Eastlyn is a travel lifestyle and destination wedding photographer along with her husband Josh. Her profile showcases a lot of different landscapes and the emotions that are felt along with those places. I also love that she closes her eyes for a lot of her images. It’s a very moving profile filled with love and faith.

18. Charlotte Gane (@charlottelittlewolf)

Charlotte has been involved with H since its start. She is a brand ambassador, and travel, commercial, and portrait photographer living in Oregon. Her edits, colors, and theme are on point. She comes across as super chill and she owns adorable dogs who go on all sorts of adventures with her. She’s not afraid to be herself and show you the beauty in this world along the way.

19. Joelle Friend (@joellefriend)

Joelle is a model residing in Seattle, Washington. She does a wonderful job emanating the mood of the place she is being photographed in. If you don’t understand what I mean then check out her profile on Instagram.

20. Jessica Bubb (@rusticbones)

Jess is a model and a photographer who is constantly on the move. She doesn’t often show her full face in her photos. This gives her profile the anonymity necessary for followers to feel like they could be on the adventures she is on. Her photos are typically of her back with her looking out at some insane and beautiful landscape. She’s free-spirited and very creative. 

Well, there you have it – twenty amazing fellow creatives you should take a look at. There are so many more incredible people that are a part of H.

We should all search for each other a little bit more because you never know when you could find your next best friend or collaboration. I found a lot of these profiles from the “Search Creatives” tab on the website. It’s super easy, convenient, and honestly fun. Go give it a try.

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