The 5 Best Hair Styling Products On Amazon You Need To Buy

Candice Kelly is a freelance hairstylist in New York and works backstage in fashion shows, editorial magazine shoots, and commercials. She knows better than anyone how to style hair in a way that makes it look healthy, thick, and voluminous.

Candace stopped by H headquarters to share with us 5 favorite products she uses to style model’s hair. If you are interested in enhancing your look for your next photoshoot (or for your next date) then you should consider purchasing the high-quality products she recommends. With her help, you will be able to strut your stuff like a legitimate model.

1.) TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day

If you are self-conscious about your flat, limp hair then this product will give it body and make it appear fuller. It also makes styling your hair easier because once you spray it onto your strands, it becomes painless to mold, twist, and lift. No matter what type of hair style you are interested in creating, Bed Head will help make it a reality.

Why Candice Loves It: “It creates a really great face and foundation for any type of hair. It helps you create any type of hairstyle whether it be up or down.”

Photo by Devin Blaskovich


2.) Mason Pearson Hairbrush

Perfect for long locks, this brush will creates softer, more manageable hair. Unlike other brushes that are sharp and rough, a Mason Pearson brush will not create split ends, cause breakage, or irritate the scalp. It will keep you looking healthy and feeling good.

Why Candice Loves It: “It comes in handy for any type of hairstyle. This helps gets the product dried into the model’s hair”

Photo by Devin Blaskovich


3.) Klorane Dry Shampoo

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair, this product will clean your hair in a matter of minutes. It will also add volume and texture without leaving any white residue like rivaling shampoos. All you have to do is shake the can, spray at the roots, and brush through. Then you will be ready to take on anything, from a first date to a job interview!

Why Candice Loves It: “This helps to give grit to the hair and creates volume.”

Photo by Devin Blaskovich


4.) Elnett Flexible Hold Extra Strength

This long-lasting hairspray will add a brilliant shine to your hair. It will hold any hairstyle you choose perfectly in place, but instead of leaving your strands feeling sticky, it will make them soft to the touch. This is the best hairspray to use if you want your hair to look good — but also want it to feel good.

Why Candice Loves It: “Whether its beachy waves or structured french twist, it helps hold the hair but it also lets the hair be brushable which is great for a quick change.”

Photo by Devin Blaskovich


5.) Bumble & Bumble Strong Finish Firm Hairspray

If you are worried about your hairstyle falling out of place throughout the course of the day, you should invest in this long-lasting hairspray. It creates a strong, firm hold that will turn your hair immovable. Bonus: It will make your hair smell delicious!

Why Candace Loves It: “This is not a brushable hairspray, once it drys in the hair, this will lock in any type of hairstyle you are creating to last for hours.”

Photo by Devin Blaskovich


With the help of these products suggested by a professional hair stylist, you are going to be mistaken for a model yourself!

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