5 Incredible Makeup Artists on The Hub

Top Makeup Artists
Top Makeup Artists | Photo by Michelle Terris

From YouTube tutorials to high-end editorial work, it seems that makeup artists are more in-demand than ever. With social media acting as a great tool for sharing their work, artists are able to show off their best looks from their favorite shoots. Whether you’re looking to glam up your next photoshoot or need some eccentric movie set styling, these are some of our favorite, top makeup artists right now:

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5 Top Makeup Artists

Solange Nicole

Top Makeup Artists
With nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram, Solange Nicole has made a name for herself in the beauty world. From simple contouring to creative characters, she can do it all.

Solange’s mix of photos and videos gives her audience an inside look into her favorite products, techniques and styles. She’s partnered with big-brand names such as Nars and Mac to create her effortlessly beautiful Instagram looks. Solange is also a contestant on the upcoming LifetimeTV show “Glam Masters”, produced by Kim Kardashian.

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The show features a group of beauty influencers and make up artists competing to be the “next big name in beauty”.

Lilliam Baez

Top Makeup Artists
Based out of Southern California, Lilliam Baez has always had an interest in makeup and fashion. After years of experimenting with her mother’s makeup as a teenager, she fell into the career path of an architect/fashion designer, and makeup artist shortly followed.

Lilliam has a wide range of portfolio work, with everything from bridal looks to glam and creative. She also has her own YouTube channel where you can find some of her favorite tutorials and techniques for different occasions.

Lilliam likes to think of makeup as “a tool to highlight the beauty of women” and loves to see how happy her client is after a session. You can find Lilliam on her website, YouTube channel and Hub profile.

Kelli Shawn

Top Makeup Artists
With a background in both hairstyling and makeup artistry, Kelli Shawn is a double threat. This licensed cosmetologist has worked with pros such as Kevin James Bennett and Roshar, giving her a wide range of techniques.

From simple and understated to glam and dramatic, Kelli’s creativity can be seen in her portfolio. She currently works as a freelancer, allowing her to collaborate with other stylists, photographers and models. Kelli’s work has been featured in brand campaigns like Nike Women as well as magazines such as Vogue Italia. You can check out her profile on the Hub HERE or her website.

Kristen Williams

Top Makeup Artists

From makeup artistry to YouTube and blogging, Kristen Williams is dominating the world of beauty right now. With her Instagram page acting as a portfolio of her work, she also uses YouTube to create makeup tutorials for her audience including her favorite products, skincare routines and looks.

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Kristen goes more in-depth on her blog with topics ranging from “how to cover a bad breakout” to the best holiday looks. She’s even partnered with brands such as Maybelline and Bobbi Brown to bring authentic, sponsored posts to her followers. You can follow her work on YouTube, her blog and Hub profile.

Jessica Zepeda

Since starting at a young age, Jessica Zepeda has always had a love for beauty and makeup. After training as a Master Esthetician. She currently works as a freelancer out of Los Angeles with experience in print, beauty, tv/film and events.

She’s even already added a few celebrities to her roster, including assistant makeup artist and hair stylist to reality star Patti Stanger. Jessica would love to continue her work on the West Coast in the entertainment and editorial industry. You can check out her website or her Hub profile HERE.  

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