Canadian Creators That Are Absolutely Crushing The Photo Game

Photo by Amanda Saunders

We’re back with some of our favorite Hub members based in Canada. I think a lot of people often forget that Canada is the globe’s second largest country and so it’s no surprise that it houses a never-ending variety of landscapes. Sky-high mountains, glinting glaciers, lush rainforests, and remote beaches all spread across six time zones. It’s a landscape photographer heaven. The terrain of Canada also makes for a fantastic playground. Whether it’s skiing through Whistler’s mountains, surfing in Nova Scotia, or kayaking the rivers of the Northwest territory, there are endless chances for adventure. It’s no wonder that these hub members are so content with what is in their backyards. I also want to point out that Canada is more than just gorgeous scenery. It’s rich in culture, food, and art.

Sip a cafe au lait and feel like you are in France in a small bistro in Montreal or head to an Asian night market and slurp noodles in Vancouver. Join a Celtic party in Cape Brenton, or visit Aboriginal villages. Canada is incredibly diverse and while a lot of our photographers and models enjoy the outdoors and adventure side of Canada, they all have a singular voice that portrays their love for their home. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we did!


Caitlyn is from North Vancouver. Her page is full of dramatic scenery, the bigger, the better. She makes us want to get outside even during the colder months so that we can catch a glimpse of the beauty seen through her images.


Ian is from Vancouver as well, and his work focuses on the nature and wildlife of Canada. He mixes his photographs of animals with people which adds an exciting parallel as we all try to see where everything fits into the outside world. He also has a portrait account that you can follow here. 


Jon is a member of Core H, he lives in Vancouver and his pages have a lot of different types of photos from landscapes to portraits, to lifestyle, adventure, and product. He keeps his tones the same to reflect his perception of Canada’s moodiness. He is very talented and worth taking a look at. 


Jeff resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada. His pages make us feel like we are always on the moves, traveling, and living life on the road as we see as many places as we can. He does a wonderful job showcasing the raw beauty of Canada. His photos switch between winter and tropics making his pages a fun place for followers. From camping to road tripping, to hiking Jeff has it all.


Edwin is a Swiss Ugandan currently living in Edmonton. His pages focus more recently on cityscapes making him very different from his nature-loving peers. However, he juxtaposes the city photography with nature photography to create a complex Instagram page. His work focuses a lot on shadows and how they change the face of a person or object. The colors, the atmosphere, the mood it’s all enough to keep people hooked.


Errin is a photographer from Vancouver BC. She loves adventure and travel. She is also the co-founder of the Instagram page @allaboutadventures. Her next trip is happening right now in Banff. She’s been to many different places including Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, and Alaska. We enjoy her page because she brings a level of authenticity to her photos that remind her followers what it is like to be out there enjoying the world and seeing these beautiful places in the simplest of ways possible. She inspires us to experience the great outdoors.


Alex is a Canadian model who travels extensively and loves gummy bears. She works with a few different photographers and brands and does a great job looking wild and free in most of her photos. Her feed is filled with the kind of content that inspires and travel and makes everyone wish they were an Instagram model.


Brooke is from Calgary, AB. She models and is a photographer/videographer. Her page is so much fun to look at because her editing style is constantly changing, but what stays constant is her love of travel and the outdoors. She proves to followers that you can hike, and camp, and be on the road and you can still wear makeup and feel beautiful. Although she has traveled quite a bit her main focus has become Canada and all its beauty.


Connor’s photography is more abstract. He zooms in on things so that you can focus on their shapes, details, and symmetry rather than the whole picture. For example, on his page, he has an image of a steering wheel and dash of a vintage car. Rather than seeing the whole vintage car parked by some crazy view, we can see the tiny details, and the car becomes something more to us, a safe place, a crazy ride, a childhood memory. It can be anything the viewer wants it to be. 


Madison is also a photographer/model from Calgary, AB. Her saying is that she climbs mountains, but takes pictures of lakes. Her page inspires women to get out there and hike, to climb that mountain, to conquer that challenge, and then be proud of it. She proves women can enjoy the great outdoors as equally as men can and they can have great hair doing it.

We hope you enjoyed the list of Canadian based hub members. If you feel like we missed anyone let us know in the comments below. Now, buy a plane ticket or get in the car and head to Canada to see all of the amazing scenery just north of the border.

What are some Hub Members you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments below!