The Top Cities that Rep The Hub The Most

These are the top cities that represent the Hub. Let’s check them out below.

Top Cities
Top Cities | Photo by Kayla Mendez

The Hub, as we all have come to know and love, is an amazing platform to meet driven creatives who inspire you to get out there and keep producing content no matter what. The “search creatives” tab allows you to customize your search for a particular person, from location to profession, from the number of followers to the creator’s hair color. It’s a wonderful tool and can be used to everyone’s advantage.

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As you choose different locations have you ever been curious as to which cities use and represent the Hub the most? Well, we have! Below you will find our top 10 “hubbiest” cities in the United States in order from most active to least. Don’t see your city on there? No worries, stay tuned for articles coming shortly about how to host a successful Hub meet-up so that you can become the community leader in your city on The Hub.

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The Top Cities That Represent The Hub

1. New York City, NY

Being the most populous city in the U.S with an estimated population of 8,622,698 over a land area of roughly 300 sq. miles it comes as no surprise that NYC rang in as our most active city.

As an epicenter for the arts, there is no doubt that you can find a group of creatives tailored to everyone. From interests in fashion to boudoir, and film photography you can find it within the five boroughs of the city. Here are two of our favorite New York City Hub members big and up and coming.


Jose loves to capture authentic moments and showcase intimate and personal details through his photography and videography. His main focus is portraiture and lifestyle work. 

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Taylor lives her life through photographs. Based in New York City she photographs a wide range of models sporting a vast array of fashion. Her work is colorful and she’s always trying new things within her work.

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2. Houston, TX

Being America’s fourth largest city, it comes as no surprise that Houston is home to many creatives. From exploring the Museum District to heading to the Space Center there are endless opportunities to create content. Plus you will get the best of both worlds in a place where classic southern hospitality meets urban chic city life.


Collin is a photographer and videographer from Houston who loves to travel. If you are ever looking for inspiration when trying to capture the perfect “travel portrait” then Collin’s account is definitely something you should check out. 

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Zila’s power of expression is awesome! It’s elevated, minimal, and leaves you asking questions.

3. Los Angeles, CA

The city of Angels. LA feels like it has it all. With a deeply creative atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, and sunny weather to boot we can see why people would pack up and move here for good. It also may be easy to be creatively inspired when beauty surrounds you. I mean it’s home to Hollywood after all. And how many major cities can you walk downtown in and then horseback ride over rugged mountains 9 minutes later? In a city addicted to the weird, scandalous, and wonderful it’s hard not to take a risk for art.


Ben is a photographer and educator who lives in his van. He is passionate about forming close-knit communities around photos and encouraging individual progression. 

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Growing up in LA, Kaya was exposed to a lot of artistic backgrounds. She finds her inspiration from the vivid colors that exist in nature. Through sharing her work she hopes to make a positive impact on the world. S

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4. Chicago, IL

With its grand architecture, steely skyscrapers, amazing eats, totally cool festivals, and art schools the Windy City will certainly surprise you with its creative charm.


Zoe does mainly fashion portraits in Chicago. Her work is gripping. Full of life. Insightful. Need we say more? 

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Edgar is a film student who loves to travel. His images make you feel like you are on a trip with him. He has been transitioning from portraits to travel and adventure photos. We are excited to see the places his work takes him next. 

5. San Francisco, CA

The place where good times and social revolutions begin! Home city to The Hub itself. Everything tends to happen in the land of Fog and fabulousness. So it’s no wonder that many of our Hub members call this city home and find themselves creating until their heart’s content.


Oscar is originally from Sweden, but now resides in The Bay area and is an award-winning multimedia creative. He is a Sony and 500px photography ambassador and enjoys working with brands large and small. His work makes us want to get outside and adopt a dog.


Rachel is a model, travel blogger, and flight attendant based in San Francisco. She is the founder of Chasing Eden International. Her work truly captures the spirit of adventure as well as the typical California lifestyle.

6. Dallas, TX

Dallas has been called Texas’s most mythical city. Famous for contributions to America’s pop culture from cowboys to cheerleaders it is an upscale epicenter where legends are born. Check out a few of our creators below who are their way to making it big.


Working as a travel and tour photographer based in Dallas Aly produces a lot of stunning content. Her focus is on the truth and depth behind natural and intimate movement. Ally’s photos express their own narratives and capture the raw emotion in the moment.

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Robert’s style is more abstract he experiments a lot with light, shapes, and surrealism in his photography. And he was part of Redline the Magazine!

7. Atlanta, GA

Considered the capital of the South, Atlanta is full of life. Being a highly popular production center (some call it the Hollywood of the East) it’s easy to see why many creative individuals flock here. With a young population and a social scene that is refreshingly diverse, Atlanta is the place to be.


Olivia is a digital storyteller from Atlanta. She is also a mother who does a beautiful job portraying that. Her journey is called the Metal Romantic. Where she combines metal, with romance, fashion, and motherhood.


Dennis started out sketching on notebook paper, but his love for visual art continued to develop. He creates t-shirt art, as well as graffiti. Photography and videography allow him to express himself freely. He hopes to spark inspiration in other creatives through his work. 

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8. Minneapolis, MN

The biggest and artsiest town on the prairie. Minneapolis is happy in every season. There’s always something to do, an art festival to attend, and a rowdy rock club to visit in the evening. People there are the embodiment of nice and they will always wish you a “great day” and inspire your next creative project.


Olivia is a portrait photographer from St. Paul, MN. She is 17 years old and enjoys sharing her stunning work with other creatives. Her editing style and ability to capture her subjects in an authentic way are flawless. She is a true artist and while she already produces wonderful content we can’t wait to see what she will do next.


Marin is a visual storyteller originally from France and now residing in Minnesota. He never goes a day without a cup of tea and his landscape photos take our breath away. 

9. San Diego, CA

Surf, Sands, and Sunsets. Named America’s “finest” city San Diego lures people in with its breezy confidence and sunny disposition. I mean what’s not to love? There’s something for everyone which is why you can be as artsy and creative as you want because you will always get to try something new. From the zoo to Legoland, to Balboa Park, beautiful hikes, more than 60 heartstopping beaches, and America’s most perfect weather it’s well worth the visit to stage your next project.


Based in San Diego Alysha is also a reporter for NBC7. She’s a photographer, a model, and according to her Instagram bio, she was born on Tumblr. 

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Sydney focuses on golden moments between couples in love. Her editing style is very consistent, her photos mostly candid, and she captures the love and emotion between the couples she photographs effortlessly. 

10. Orlando, FL

Orlando has Disney, and that’s the first thing that people think of. It’s so easy to get caught up in the theme park atmosphere. Downtown Orlando has a lot to offer as well. From a rich performing arts and museum scene to fabulous cuisine and delicately sculpted gardens, Orlando offers a much slower pace. Where people can sit down, have a bite to eat, and think collectively where their art will take them next.


Reed has some great work. It’s very interesting and visually appealing. He specializes in natural light. Through social media, Reed was able to share his passion with many people, and find his own inspiration through others. He is eternally grateful. He’s always looking to collaborate and set up shoots.

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Danielle takes photos of people and places. She’s amazing and both her wardrobe and interior design photos are inspiring. She can make the simplest of settings look inviting and elegant. She also is a talented model. We can’t wait to see how she continues to combine all of her interests. 

Now what? Well for starters go and take a look at all of these great accounts, if you aren’t already following them. If you become inspired like we have then reach out, communicate, collaborate. After all, that is the point. We hope you gain some new contacts from our list, and we also hope to see more cities become active on The Hub.