Model Casting: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Next Audition

Here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming model casting.

Model Casting
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In order to get a modeling job, you have to go on auditions (model castings) and meet clients. If you want to make a good first impression, the most important thing to remember is to show up to those model castings on time. Even if there is going to be a long wait, you should arrive fifteen minutes early to show that you are prompt and responsible. If you arrive late, you will appear unprofessional and no one will want to hire you.

There is a lot of competition in the modeling industry, so you can expect to see at least a handful of other girls at the model casting. However, there could be up to two or three hundred others auditioning for the same show or campaign as you. That means the wait could be anywhere between five minutes to five hours. That is why you should bring water and snacks to stay hydrated and carry along a book to read so the time passes by more quickly.

Even if you are frustrated by the long wait, you cannot let that frustration show when you walk into the room and meet the clients. You have to put on a smile and show them your happy, confident personality if you want to get the job.

Once you enter, you are going to hand the clients your portfolio and comp card, which should be filled with ten to twenty-five photographs of you. The more variety, the better. Include pictures shot from different angles while you are wearing completely different styles of clothing to show your versatility.

You should be prepared at the model casting in case they ask you any questions about your photographs. Try to remember the photographer who shot you, when you shot the photos, and where you shot the photos so you come across as intelligent and informed.

The clients might ask for a photograph on the scene, so be prepared to pose at a model casting and then prepared to introduce yourself to the video camera. You might also have to walk around the room in a pair of high heels (which you should make sure to bring) in order to demonstrate your runway walking skills. It depends on the client, but it’s best to be prepared for anything that could occur at a model casting.

In order to increase your chances of landing the job, you should show up to the model casting wearing minimal makeup. Try to keep your face looking natural because they want to see the unfiltered version of you. They want to know what you look like as a blank canvas so they can imagine what you would look like in the clothes and makeup they want you to wear. That is why it’s always best to wear plain, tight clothing that shows the shape of your body. You do not want any elaborate patterns distracting from you. You should also cover your tattoos and remove your piercings.

Remember that the decision about whether or not to offer your the job is going to be made after you leave the room. You aren’t going to leave with a strong no or yes. The clients might not even show emotion while they are examining you, so avoid reading too far into their expression. You will know whether you got the job soon after the model casting. There is no point in overthinking every little thing that was said.

You should also remember one good audition does not mean you have gotten the job. You might get called back two or three times after an initial model casting before the decision is finalized. You might also have to do a fitting to check if the clothes look good on you before you are officially booked for the show or campaign.

The biggest things to remember at your next audition are to arrive prepared and remain optimistic. Do not let the competition bring out your insecurities. Do not let rejection convince you to give up on your dreams. Keep trying because if you don’t nail this audition, you will nail the next one.