11 Spanish Models Who Will Inspire You To Grow Your Online Presence

These are the top Spanish models in the industry today.

When you think of fashion capitals, Spain might not be the first place to come to mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t teeming with its own certain kind of style and its own army of beautiful Spanish models. While the unspoken dress code in the country tends to be more conservative and classy, Spanish models like to break the rules, incorporating international styles to their everyday wardrobes. These women are not afraid to color outside the lines, taking the traditional and meshing it with the new and the innovative.

Spanish Models
Spanish Models

Many Spanish models didn’t get their start in the most traditional ways — in fact, many are self-made entrepreneurs. Bloggers and influencers such as Aida Domènech and Alexandra Pereira got their start online and slowly grew their fanbase until they gained millions of followers, and now they’re influencing the world of fashion one Instagram post at the time. And, by the looks of it, many other aspiring Spanish models are looking to do the same.

While you may not be able to grow your own following overnight, these women will inspire you to give it a try. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Spanish models from all backgrounds, who have gotten their starts in so many different ways, and who have all found the same outcome: that with a lot of hard work and perseverance, you can make a difference in both the fashion community and your own life.

Here are some of the leading Spanish models in today’s fashion industry:

Aida Domenech

Aida Domènech isn’t just a Spanish model — she’s a blogger, an influencer, and, perhaps most importantly, an entrepreneur. She started her blog in 2009 as a hobby, using it as a platform to share her outfits and discuss style tricks and tips as a self-declared “fashion aficionado.” Her blog soon became her obsession and her profession, and in 2014, it won the Best Style Fashion Blog award at Berlin Fashion Week. But Aida no longer depends solely on her blog for publicity — she now uses Instagram as a tool for work, collaborating with brands and sharing her best looks with her 2.4 million followers. However, her career took a turn in 2016 when she decided to venture out of the limitations of the Internet and became a fashion teacher in the TV show “Quiero Ser.” She later edited and published her first book, a fashion guide called “Dulceida,” and in 2017 she launched her own perfume and clothing brand.

Sita Bellan

Sita Bellan is both a Spanish model and a photographer, and though she usually takes pictures of herself, she’s also snapped some photos of high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Sita is definitely Spain’s cool girl, acting as a muse for Rihanna and even starring in her 2015 music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Since then, Sita has had quite an interesting and illustrious career, returning to her Rihanna roots to walk in the Spring 2017 Fenty x Puma show, DJing for Jeremy Scott’s fashion show, and even starting her own line of “Techno Capitalism” merch. Sita is a self-proclaimed techno princess on the rise.

Clara Alonso

Clara Alonso was a regular on the Spanish runways long before she made it international, which she didn’t make the jump to until she was finished with her studies. But once Clara went out into the world, she took it by storm. She became the face of both Guess and AX Armani Exchange, and she was the third Spanish model to ever walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2008, and the first since 1999. At 21, Clara became Spain’s new top model and now runs a Spanish language blog for Vogue Spain.

Sara Escudero

Sara Escudero is a Spanish model, an Instagram influencer, and a trendsetter. A self-proclaimed fashion-lover and globetrotter, Sara shows off her best outfits while traveling the world, using her Instagram as a tool to gain new fans and followers, of which she currently has a million. She founded her own clothing line, called Collage Vintage, with her partner Diego Anciano, who also works as a photographer for the business.

Alexandra Pereira

Alexandra Pereira was a law student when she first started her fashion, lifestyle and travel blog, Lovely Pepa, in 2009. Within months she was receiving thousands of views per day, and just like that, the blog took off. Now Alexandra uses her blog and her growing Instagram audience of 1.7 million followers to sell a lifestyle as a Spanish model and social media influencer. She uses her Instagram fame to collaborate with big-name designers like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Cartier, and to create her own fashion line, aptly named Lovely Pepa Collection.

Anna Ponsa Lopez

Anna Ponsa Lopez is a photographer and a blogger, but unlike most Spanish models, she had a rather curious profession on her resume: architect. Anna believes in beauty in all things, whether that means fashion, portraits, or the world around her, a philosophy she applies to everything in her life. Perhaps that’s what made her jump on the Instagram bandwagon early — she believed it was an app meant for serious photographers to share their work and immediately signed up. She’s now amassed 115k followers and uses her account not only for her own work but to collaborate with brands and fashion labels, including Louis Vuitton, Unicef, and Mercedes-Benz.

Emilie Taz

Emilie Taz might be a Spanish model, but she spent her childhood in Gothenburg, Sweden, with her Swedish father and Sri Lankan mother. She’s currently a blogger and influencer who lives in Barcelona, utilizing Instagram to flaunt her latest styles, share her traveling experiences, and to collaborate with a variety of brands. Over time, she has amassed 850k Instagram followers and thousands of views on her Youtube vlogs.

Eugenia Silva

Eugenia Silva’s career as a Spanish model was kickstarted when she competed in the Elite Look of the Year Award at age 16, immediately drawing attention from the fashion world. She took a break from modeling to pursue a law degree, but soon Eugenia decided she preferred modeling, moving out to New York City to work full time in the industry. She was soon chosen as the face of Oscar de la Renta, and would later go on to represent Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Intissimi. Eugenia currently writes a blog for Hola Magazine, offering fashion tips and secrets to her readers, and has branched out to work on business pursuits, including online shop Eurostyle and a kids modeling agency.

Sara Carbonero

Many may know Sara Carbonero as a Spanish model and Instagram influencer, but her main profession is actually as a sports journalist. She blew up after she covered the 2010 FIFA World Cup and became the center of a controversy involving herself and her then-boyfriend (and now-husband), footballer Iker Casillas. After news outlets accused her of distracting Casillas, making him lose the game between Spain and Switzerland, and of bad journalistic integrity when she interviewed him after the game, Sara was pronounced “one of the most photographed people of the World Cup”and making a name for herself internationally. Hey, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing — Sara now has nearly 2 million followers, an impressive feat for just about anybody.

Paula Echevarria

Paula Echevarría got her debut as a public figure in 2000, when she appeared in several TV series and worked as a broadcast reporter. Since then, she had appeared in a variety of Spanish TV shows and movies, including several foreign language Oscar candidates. In 2010, she began writing the blog “Tras le pista de Paula” for Elle magazine. In 2012, she was the person with the highest growth in Google searches in Spain, and is currently the Spanish person with the highest number of Instagram followers, which has grown to 2.3 million.

Vanesa Lorenzo

Vanesa Lorenzo grew up in Barcelona, but she didn’t stay there. After she finished second in the Elite Look of the Year modeling competition at age 16, she signed with an agency to become a model and found herself constantly moving around internationally, splitting her time in Spain, Paris, London, and New York. Throughout the years, she had been featured on the world’s biggest fashion magazines, including Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. When she’s not strutting the catwalk or working a photoshoot, Vanesa runs her own blog and posts for her 336k Instagram followers.