Creators Who Give Brandon Woelfel A Run For His Money

Inspired by bokeh and creative light? These Brandon Woelfel inspired creators are giving him a run for his money.

Brandon Woelfel
Creators Who Give Brandon Woelfel A Run For His Money | Photo by Jorge Gomez

“Lights, camera, action” this cheesy line/saying typically used when the filming of a movie scene is about to begin is honestly just an ordinary checklist for photographer Brandon Woelfel.  For those of you who may not know, Brandon is a photographer from New York who isn’t afraid to experiment with all forms of light. His work is innovative, inspiring, and dramatic and with 2.2 million followers on Instagram, it’s easy to understand why he has captured the attention and curiosity of so many people.

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We’ve all seen the neon light and prism photos in our Instagram feed at one point in time. Brandon Woelfel is a famous photographer known for his work involving creative light whether it be natural or artificial. If we think about it light is a constant presence in our lives. There isn’t a single day without encountering some form of light. As artists, it’s only natural that we try to create new things with something that is so ordinary to us.

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That’s the true beauty of being a creator, we get to see the extraordinary in the everyday and we can use our art to bring that knowledge to others. In this next list, you will find a few Hub Creators that give Brandon Woelfel a run for his money.

Creators That Give Brandon Woelfel A Run For His Money


Aninhoa is a photographer and Hub member from Valencia, Spain. Her portraits are simply stunning. She has a very crisp and defined editing style which helps emphasize her expert lighting. Beyond the traditional images, she does some cool work with projections using her models’ faces and bodies as the screen.


Hunter is from Dana Point, California. He’s an inventive portrait photographer who is always looking for new ways to catch the eyes of his audience. He loves creating portraits that aren’t traditional. Hunter uses paint, neon lights, and a very vibrant editing style to create his own masterpieces. He also does an amazing job of capturing the emotions of his subjects making for an even more dramatic photo.


Jorge is from Dallas, Texas. He is 21, loves sushi, and strives to create moving content that helps him connect with new and interesting people every day. Jorge has a talent for capturing an image of a model and making his audience feel as if they would never have seen that moment had it not been caught on camera. He sets the scene perfectly and through his colors, editing style, and mesmerizing lights he draws an audience into the heart of his images.


Elliot is a Hub member and photographer from Sacramento, California. All of his portraits are shot with pretty dramatic lighting. He edits to emphasize the shadows, which coupled with the lighting he uses really brings out the subject of the photo. He uses both artificial and natural light and is very talented with both. It’s hard to choose which he does better. I know if I was out in the Sacramento area tomorrow I would definitely be calling Elliot up for a portrait session.


Draven is a portrait photographer from Dallas, Texas. His main focus is neon lighting. The pinks, the blues, and the purples. It makes you feel like you are inside of a piece of cotton candy. He did do more traditional portraits at one time with a moody editing style, but more recently he has shifted entirely towards neon and its’ mesmerizing qualities.


Spencer is from New York; the same state that Brandon Woelfel is from. His work is also centered around neon lights and the atmosphere that they create. For me with Spencer’s work, I feel like his use of neon lights makes me think that it’s going to be a fun and interesting night. Neon lights speak bars, dancing, clubs, places that you go to have fun, stay late, and have crazy stories in the morning. Spencer’s work with artificial light and his models makes his audience excited for their next big night out.


Reed is a portrait photographer from Orlando, Florida. Reed’s specialty is natural light, but he does experiment with artificial light now and then. He does a wonderful job of showcasing how the natural light looks different in different color palettes. Changing the background from greyish sand to a bright yellow wall completely alters the mood and Reed is good at capturing this.


Scott is a photographer and filmmaker from Pretoria, South Africa. The way he shoots with artificial light is almost nostalgic. His work makes me think of playing games in arcades when I was young and buying candy that I wasn’t supposed to from the candy shop down the street. His work speaks of the past and makes his audience feel related to his work.


Gab is a photographer from Manila in the Philippines. He has a YouTube channel and his portraits have a more psychedelic feel. He uses a lot of rainbow lighting and blurring in his editing that gives his images a more surreal atmosphere.


Ben is from Perth, Scotland, a land known for its moody landscapes, and unpredictable weather. It’s typical for landscape photographers to have a field day in Scotland. However, for Ben, it’s a place where he can use artificial light to create a mysterious mood that makes his audience want to keep following along for more. We love the vibrant colors he uses, the bold style of his editing and how effortlessly he captures the poses of his models.

This list goes to prove that while artists can focus on the same or similar things all of their work can be seen and interpreted differently. Sure, these 10 Hub members may have used Brandon Woelfel’s work for inspiration, but they all took it in different directions thus making their own portfolio of work that is uniquely them.

At the end of the day, it’s those who inspire us that prompt us to step out of our own comfort zones, and the Hub is a great way to find content and fellow creatives that inspire us to try something new. When it comes down to it, art is rad and the H Collective Community is pretty fortunate to gain such talented people.