How To Live Your Traveling Creative Dream — Hub User Goes On Sponsored Trip

How To Live Your Traveling Creative Dream — Hub User Goes On Sponsored Trip
Joseph Barrientos

One of my New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to create more life-changing, eye-opening experiences that would give me the opportunity to grow richer as a person. Not richer by funds, but richer by friends. I have always believed the people you know make you rich, not the funds in your bank account. 

With that thought in my mind, I decided for New Years I was going to take 3 of my friends on a road trip north to San Francisco. We all packed up and just took off with no plans of what time we wanted to arrive in the city.

We made spontaneous stops on the way, rented ATVs in Pismo and snowboarded down the sand dunes. We road carelessly on the beach, just enjoying the time we had while we were there, forgetting our worries and responsibilities and losing ourselves in the experience. 

Of course, this was a sacrifice. NOTHING in life is free. Working with some companies, we were able to cover some of the cost, but like I said, we still had to sacrifice some things. I think that’s how I’m able to live my creative dream; I understand that there will always be something you must sacrifice to travel, whether it is money, time, or other experiences.

You create experiences by sacrificing. Some experiences are worth it, some are not. But, I know in the end of everything I have done, I’ve learned more about myself and more about life. Which makes the sacrifice worth it.