Photographers that Work for Less Than $1000 A Shoot

As Influencer Marketing becomes an increasingly utilized media strategy, the demand for talented, reasonably priced creators is skyrocketing. At the Hub, we have over 34,000 hand selected creators (professional photographers, models, and videographers from across the country) who specialize in a multitude of styles such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, and product. To highlight that you never have to sacrifice quality, here are some of our favorite photographers who deliver stunning work for under $1000 a shoot:

Joshua Teplitz

Joshua’s portrait work is representative of an alternate reality. His strong visual compositions paired with perplexing settings and dark light, allows the viewer to feel as if they have just entered another world. You can view his creations on hisHub profile.

Selena Amor

Selena is a photographer who has mastered the use of light. Whether in the studio or using natural light, her portrait and fashion work is delicate, yet infused with palpable emotion. You can view her artistry on her Hub profile.

Ethan Benavidez

Ethan’s work is the definition of moody. With distinct and authentic portraiture, his photographs truly speak for themselves. His competencies cover portraits, fashion and wedding photography. You can find his work on his Hub profile.

Michael Isenburg

As a New York-based photographer, Michael creates captivating, editorial-esque imagery of men and women on the streets of NYC. His use of black and white highlights and emphasizes the true characteristics of his subjects, showcasing his understanding of authentic human emotions. You can view his images on his Hub profile.

Tiffany Lo

Tiffany’s work is all about the illusion. With utilizing techniques of collage and overlaying of images, her photographs emulate a unique artistic perspective. Her portraits are intriguing, alluring and reinforce the strong nature of women. You can find her work on her Hub profile.

Sally Clark

From the way of Sydney, Sally’s work is composed of definitive portraits immersed within the Australian landscape and beyond. Her ability lies in capturing her subjects with depth and connection, while seamlessly infusing her external environment and personal perspective. Her work can be seen on her Hub profile.

Sarah Kane

Sarah is a photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Her portrait and fashion work, which features empowering and impactful portraits of women, is marked with rich tones and varied methods of posing. It is evident that her direction behind the camera allows for her subjects to flourish in front of the lens. You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Lexus Gallegos

Lexus is a lifestyle and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has a truly authentic nature, capturing her subjects with soft light and clean compositions. She truly has mastered the art of visual minimalism. You can view her images on her Hub profile.

Shelby Seabar

Shelby is a matchmaker of tones. With her colors, styling, and framing of her images, we cannot help but feel as if we’ve been transported back to a different era through her visual creations. You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Kayleigh Marie

Kayleigh’s fashion photography work is abstract with a high-end editorial feel. She captures her subjects with strength and intensity allowing for the image to speak for itself and her use of tonal matching emphasizes a true visual appeal. You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Christy Flaherty

Christy is a photographer with an ability to capture her subjects with evoking sensuality and femininity. She integrates props into her sets, as well as varied light techniques, that add to her subjects raw, emotional depiction. With a varied color palette, it is evident that her subject is what drives the production of her work – no two images are quite alike, yet all represent the distinct nature of womanhood. You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Erica Sterling

Erica is a film photographer based in Seattle. Her photography is innately artistic, with imagery highlighting the artistry of a woman’s body. The images she creates are full of creative intention and effortlessly display the beauty of her subject in their own skin. You can find her work on her Hub profile.

Faith Deutsch

Faith is a fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Florida. Her work is full of golden tones with her utilization of natural light. Using the background of the sunshine state, she captures her subjects in a way that feels delicate, yet lively. You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Madison Hooper

Madison is a portrait photographer based out of California. Her work is infused with depictions of youth – displaying varied emotions and subtle intrigue. While she uses a variety of framing techniques and viewpoints to display her subjects, the styling and backdrop for her work are laidback and effortless, a true representative of the West Coast.  You can view her work on her Hub profile.

Jared Powell

Jared is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Virginia. His images evoke a sense of attention and connection through the subjects he photographs. With utilizing darker tones as well as manipulating the essence of natural light, his portraits each convey a specific emotion to be felt by the viewer. You can view his work on his Hub profile.

As you can see, the Hub is full of high quality, professional photographers within the fields of portraiture, fashion and commercial imagery. With impeccable tones, thoughtful composition, and strong emotional connections – these photographers deliver truly awe-inspiring work. For more information on the Hub and our creator platform you can visit our website at

Cover photo by Tiffany Lo.

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