Tips For Your Next Maternity Photography Shoot

No matter what kind of maternity photography shoot you settle on having, make sure you snap a variety of pictures so you have a massive pile to choose from at the end of the day.

Tips For Your Next Maternity Photography Shoot

Are you really ready for your maternity photography shoot? When you find out you’re pregnant, you want to announce it to the world. In order to spread the news — and showcase your tummy — you should consider snapping photos to send to all of your friends and family. Then, when your little bundle of joy is old enough, you can show them what you looked like while you were waiting for their arrival. It’s the perfect way to capture your pregnancy forever!

Tip for your maternity photography shoot:

The highlight of your photograph is your bump! That is why you should take your time picking out an outfit that is appropriate for your current size. You are growing pretty quickly so you might not be able to fit comfortably into the dress you bought three months ago when you first booked a photographer.

You want to feel confident during your maternity photoshoot, which is why you should do a test run of your outfit a few days before. If you are no longer excited about the outfit you planned on wearing, then take a quick trip to the mall for a new one. Don’t stress too much about what you look like because you are going to be glowing either way!

Once you have an outfit ready, it’s time to choose your background. You can pose in front of a field of flowers, in a bathtub, on a beach, or in front of a blank white wall. To get an idea of which ideas you find adorable and which ones find too cheesy, search hashtags on Instagram (like #pregnancyannouncement and #pregnancyphotos) to see what other women have done in the past. Don’t be afraid to steal their ideas or twist them into your own, unique versions.

If you want to keep the photoshoot simple, you can pose while looking down with your hands on your stomach. Or, if the father is involved, you can take a picture while his hands are on your stomach.

If you would rather get creative, then you can involve props. You can hold a pair of baby shoes. You can hold a copy of the ultrasound. You can even hold a chalkboard that says the due date, the name of your baby, or a simple message like we’re expecting!

If you have other children who are old enough to join the maternity photography shoot, then include them in the fun! Ask them to hold one of the props, to look at your bump with a shocked face, or to place a gentle kiss on the bump.

No matter what kind of maternity photography shoot you settle on having, make sure you snap a variety of pictures so you have a massive pile to choose from at the end of the day. You never know which pose will be your favorite, so venture outside of your comfort zone. Experiment.

You can take your own pictures with a tripod or with the assistance of a close friend, but if you hire a professional photographer, make sure to bounce ideas off each other. They are there to help you. They know what looks good on camera. You should trust their vision.

When you are taking pictures of your pregnant belly, the most important thing to remember is not to feel self-conscious. You might look completely different than before your pregnancy began, and you might not be used to seeing yourself in the mirror yet, but your bump is beautiful — and your baby is going to be beautiful!

If you follow these tips for your next maternity photoshoot, then you are going to have high-quality pictures that will last a lifetime.