H & Co. The Vlogs: Dinner With Creatives 

We invited LA-based photographer Connelly Molnar to NYC and decided to take him to Times Square and then to dim sum with other creators in the community.

“I’ve seen a lot of people before, but this is a lot of people…” Connelly said, admiring the lights and the faces and the cars around him.

He set up his camera in the middle of the sidewalk in Times Square, in prep for a time lapse video – but this was just one of many wild ideas for what he wanted to film.

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I’m a huge believer on experiences, it’s almost become a bad habit because I’m willing to sacrifice so much for something I know will be an experience that I’ll remember forever. Being flown to New York was a scary moment, getting out here and not knowing if I would make any solid friends and being very skeptical as to how my time would be spent out here. Now coming to the end of the trip I look back on how my time out here has been and I realize this trip was an experience of a lifetime. I made friends I’ll have/remember for my entire life, I created new experiences that have taught me so much about myself, and I shot for more companies than I could have ever dreamed of. If you’re ever in a pinch of weather or not you should do something. Think of what the experience could be like, then make your choice.

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To him, community is a place where he can “feel the most comfortable” and do what he wants to do. “I can’t even count how many friends I’ve made on this trip. It’s so awesome!” Connelly said with a grin. “You meet people and they become friends – I already know I’ll have forever.”

At dim sum with Connelly, Shannon, Pojo, and Kelly, other creators joined us for the delicious meal: Colorado-based model Benji and photographers like Natalia Wajda, Chris Cook, and Richie DiMaggio. “For me, community is everywhere,” Connelly explained. “I hope, for every body, that community is everywhere.”