How To Be More Creative: 10 Mindful Ways To Feed Your Imagination

Artists aren’t immune to creative blocks, and unfortunately, we all deal with them from time to time. Frustration, exhaustion, and downright discouragement are some of the most notorious side effects, and although we’re not immune, we are capable of finding remedies that feed our imaginations and ignite our creativity. For creators of every medium, inspiration is often in the places we’re not actively looking. Difficult to both find and sustain when we’re searching for it desperately, inspiration seems nowhere to be found. Creativity doesn’t have to feel so forced, and the best way to find inspiration is to let it manifest naturally. Here are ten mindful ways to feed your imagination and let your creativity thrive.


Reading is one great exercise that flexes your brain and your creativity. Don’t look at reading as a chore or something you’re supposed to be doing to make yourself smarter. Read things that interest you. You don’t have to read something educational to gain knowledge and understanding. Read magazines, comic books, graphic novels, listicles, memoirs, biographies, enter any bookstore and the possibilities are endless. Whatever content you find interesting, consume it. Read it and make little notes, even if they are just mental. One sentence can provoke a complete creative boost. Reading of any kind ignites inspiration and fuels imagination in remarkable ways. (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

Listen To Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a wonderful way to hear diverse voices across a wide range of topics and interests. Podcasts aren’t just people talking, they’re beliefs and ideas, personal stories of victory or failure, little bits of comedic relief that create laughter and positivity. Whether you listen to podcasts about science experiments or podcasts that contemplate the social constructs of modern love, they feed your brain with little bits of inspiration that fuel your imagination and motivate you to create something remarkable. (Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash)

Get out in nature or at least outside

Get out in your natural surroundings. Appreciate them. Notice them. Simply going for a walk around your neighborhood can feed your imagination in ways you’d never imagine. Too often we get caught up in the worries and stress of our daily routines, our jobs and obligations, our personal lives with partners, family, and friends. Sometimes we need to remember to take a step back and appreciate the little things we forget to be grateful for, like a beautifully vibrant sunset after a long hard day at work, or the morning birds chirping after a night you should’ve gotten more sleep. Doing this not only allows us to be thankful, it fuels our imagination in ways we’d least expect it to. Maybe birds chirping inspires a poem, or perhaps that beautiful sunset gives you the perfect photo opportunity for your next big project. Whatever your art, whatever your medium, immersing yourself in nature can inspire remarkable creations. (Photo by John Wallace)

Attend local events

Check out what’s going on in your community. Is there a summer arts fest on a nearby block? An open mic at a cafe down the street? Local events are a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Social, fun, and conversational, your local community is a great source to fuel your imagination.

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

Even if it’s just around the corner, go see things and do things you’ve never done before. At first, it can be unsettling to venture outside of your comfort zone. You like what you know and you do what you know, but when you break the boundaries that make up your daily routine the rewarding feeling you get afterward is certainly worth the initial discomfort. Exposing yourself to new experiences uncovers inspiration in the places you weren’t looking for it. Go to that rock climbing gym you’ve been dying to try. Visit that new art exhibit you haven’t seen yet. Attend that upcoming poetry slam and fill the blank performing list with your name. There’s inspiration waiting for you, but it’s far beyond your comfort zone. Be brave enough to go find it. (Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash)

Other ways to feed your imagination and spark your creativity

  • Read inspirational quotes
  • Follow new artists on social media
  • Check out your local library and get a library card
  • Experiment with a new medium of art you’ve never tried before
  • Start a journal

Don’t let creative blocks stunt your artistic growth. Consider these mindful tips to feed your imagination and creativity when inspiration feels impossible to find.