Find Photographers Online With The H Marketplace 

With over 35,000 active creatives on The Hub. H has made it easier than ever to hire photographers for your next big project. Let’s show you how you can find photographers online with the H Marketplace.

Find Photographers Online With the H Marketplace

Need a photographer for your next campaign, wedding or event? We know that finding photographers online can be stressful. With endless scrolling through Craigslist and Facebook, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. On the H Marketplace, we do the heavy lifting for you. Easily search through over 35,000 creatives worldwide to find and hire a photographer that best fits your needs. Let’s break it down for you. 

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How To Find Photographers Online

Step 1: Accessing the H Marketplace

Using the H Marketplace is the fastest and easiest way to find the perfect photographer for you. With over 35,000 creatives worldwide there is no shortage of talent to sift through. With our comprehensive lists, you are able to seamlessly go through our network of creatives to find and hire the right photographer for you.

Search The Marketplace For Your Next Photographer

All you have to do is head to our site and create an account, and the best part is, it’s free. Once you sign up you will have full access to our network and are able to hire creatives and post jobs to our job board. 

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Step 2: Navigating The Lists

Our platform is designed to make finding your next photographer as easy as possible. When navigating our marketplace you will use one of our lists to find the creative that best suits your needs.

Looking for a personal photographer near you? Use our lists by location.

Need a creative with a certain aesthetic? Check out our lists by style.

Or maybe you want a professional creator with skills in one specific area? Browse our lists by area of expertise.

Once you have an account, you’re able to hire a creator for a specific job. Or, if you want to search the over 35,000 creators we have, sign up to post a job and invite creators to apply.

You can also use the homepage to sort through potential creators on the Hub if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for.

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Step 3: Posting A Job 

Post a Job To Find a Photographer Near You

The H Hub Job Board is essentially a find photographers app for brands and businesses like you.

After signing up, you can post your job to the job board. Fill out all the details for your project including:

  • The exact deliverables
  • Style of your project
  • Visual mood boards
  • Set due dates

Now, you can invite creators to apply or simply allow them to bid on your job.

When hiring the perfect photographer for your job, you can easily browse our top lists of photographers or use our search tool to find the photographer for you. Once found, you’ll be able to invite any creator to apply for your job.

After you have hired a photographer,  the rest is easy. Simply work out your contract, manage job progress and communicate with the photographer all in one single, secure location. And, when the job is complete, they will send you your assets directly in The Hub where they are available to download.

Download the images and we’ll handle the secure payment for the work you’ve received directly through The Hub.

It’s that easy and simple to get your creative project started. Want to test it out for yourself?

Sign up now to gain instant access to our photographers.

For more information on how to hire a photographer check out how it works or follow us on social at @h_collective on Instagram.