How to Get the Most Out of Instagram Collections

 Instagram Collections have been around for just about a year now, allowing users to bookmark any and all posts in their feed. Not only does this save space on your camera roll, it also lets you store your favorite inspiration posts, edits and more in one place. While you can see how many saves your posts get on a business account, you won’t be able to see who exactly hits the bookmark button. Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Collections tab:

Add a Collection

Creating a collection is super easy. Head to your profile and click the Bookmark icon along the toolbar to open up your saved photos. From here, click the “+” in the upper right hand corner to create and name a new collection such as “Photoshoot Ideas”. And that’s it! You’ve created your first collection!

Photoshoot Locations
Scrolling through Instagram and see a location you’d love to shoot at? Save it to a collection! When you see a photo you want to save, press and hold that bookmark icon in the bottom right corner and you’ll see your collections pop up. Select where you want it to go and keep your favorite photoshoot locations in one folder!

Follow Your Favorites
We all have our favorite photographers and models whose work we love to follow. It’s hard enough to see your faves come up in your feed unless you turn on post notifications. Now it’s easy to save their best work to your collections! Whether you want to have a separate collection for each artist or divide them up by photographer, model or videographer, you can come back to them for inspiration whenever you’d like.

Be Inspired
Sometimes you just have those days when you’re feeling uninspired. Maybe you’re looking for some moody vibes or trying to plan a themed lifestyle shoot. Collections makes it easy to get inspiration for your next shoot, campaign or brand deal. Whenever you come across a piece of content that grabs your attention, bookmark it to your collection of choice and you’ll have the perfect library of images to look back on when you need it most. We recommend checking out your inspiration photos before heading out on a shoot for some last minute ideas.

*Bonus Tip
Instagram Collections makes it easy to find even more inspiration, shoot locations and content from accounts you haven’t seen yet. At the bottom of each collection page, you’ll see a link for “See More Like This”. This will take you to a whole new feed of photos, videos and more from accounts you don’t follow. Thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm, it also factors in your saves and likes to curate a feed specially tailored for your interests. You may even find some new creatives you want to collab with!

Whether you’re looking for a little extra inspiration or just want to save some space on your camera roll, Instagram Collections is great for keeping your content all in one place. It’s also helpful for discovering new accounts you wouldn’t normally find in your feed. Try them out and show us your favorite collections in the comments!


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