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How To Deal With Anxiety Before A Photo Shoot

The moments leading up to a professional photo shoot can be nerve wracking. Even for the calmest of creatives, the underlying pressure of performing well and delivering high quality work remains a mental concern during the stages of preparation. In fact, whether you’re a photographer, videographer, model, creative director or even assistant on a photo […]

4 Places To Shoot In Barcelona

Barcelona is the bustling beach paradise that sits high on many wish lists for a good reason. The Spanish architecture runs rampant in this high-fashion metropolitan that melds the chilled beach aesthetic with cultural flair to create a colourful and vibrant atmosphere, especially as the evening draws in. Here are some amazing spots to shoot […]

4 Reasons To Shoot In Chicago

Rain or shine, sun or snow there are so many things to do in Chicago. Even when the city is cold, many unique and adventurous places are open in Chicago. Its unique and vast neighborhoods along with hole-in-the-wall spots make Chicago one of the best places to shoot. Here are some reasons to shoot in […]

We’ll Pay You $1,000 To Shoot With Someone On The Hub

Have you heard? We’re ending the year with a bang and giving away $1,000 each two creators on The Hub app that collab for this year’s last weekly #MetOnTheHub. How: Find another creator on The Hub that you’ve never worked with — could be a photographer, videographer, makeup artist, stylist, model — any one on […]

Best Places To Have A Photoshoot In Central Florida

Heralding Disney World, sunshine and theme parks, Central Florida stands out among the rest of the state and its sandy beaches. Located inland, you’ll find farmland, swamps and even a hill or two if you are lucky. No place else inhabits such a varying landscape of quiet woods with a major tourist and entertainment hub […]


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