Best Places To Have A Photoshoot In Central Florida

Chris Lampkins

Heralding Disney World, sunshine and theme parks, Central Florida stands out among the rest of the state and its sandy beaches. Located inland, you’ll find farmland, swamps and even a hill or two if you are lucky. No place else inhabits such a varying landscape of quiet woods with a major tourist and entertainment hub residing directly in the middle.

Although one may not immediately picture the landscape as accurately it appears (Sorry, no beaches here!), there’s no denying the talent that resides among the area. With Universal Studios, Disney World and major universities drawing an influx of creators from all over the globe, Central Florida, like the rest of the state, has become a mixing pot for various styles of art.

The unique place has a lot going for it between the artistic studio spaces, vibrant creative community and greener-than-ever grasslands. Here’s some of our favorite locations to have a photoshoot around Central Florida:

Lake Eola

Best Places To Have A Photoshoot In Central Florida
Taylor Jarvis

Location: 512 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801

With swans, an amphitheater and almost anything you can imagine, Lake Eola sits at the center of Downtown Orlando. With restaurants, farmer’s markets and records shops close by, there are a variety of scenic backdrops (And, I’m sure you’ll find a dog or two to pet, too).

KDS One Studio

At the center of Downtown Orlando sits Lake Eola
Graham Oakley

Location: 3601 Vineland Rd, Suite 10, Orlando, FL 32811

Formerly known as Studio One, KDS One Studio is the place for those who are a fan of studio work or looking to dabble in a new style of photography. As the location of Hub Day Orlando meetup, the space provided a physical location where the internet can manifest in real life, drawing creatives from all communities alike to the space.

10 Mile Loop

Tanisha Watkins

Location: 8928-9290 N Bradshaw Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Orange trees galore! As home of the sunshine state, it is ever appropriate to embrace the ever-growing fields of orange trees that line the state from north to south. And why not make some art out of it?

Cypress Parkway

Best Places To Have A Photoshoot In Central Florida
Tanisha Watkins

Location: 395 Cypress Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34759

Sometimes the best photo destinations aren’t even destinations at all; they’re places where you pull your car over on the side of the road, get out and simply create. Sitting about 45 minutes from Orlando, Cypress Parkway is a local’s spot, hidden in remote Kissimmee at the corner of Marigold Avenue and Cypress Parkway. Classic Florida palm trees sitting among the sand is the closest you’ll get to an inland beach landscape, minus a body of water. Take it from the locals — you can create a good photograph almost anywhere.

Silvermoon Drive-In

Location: 4100 New Tampa Hwy, Lakeland, FL, 33815

As one of the last drive-in movie theaters in the state of Florida and the last in Polk County, Silvermoon Drive-In draws the artistic eye with their antique pastel colors and neon signs. Those looking for a good deal can score one with their $5 tickets and an affordable snack bar, all completely preserved as an homage to the 70 years the theater has been open. Grab a friend, $10 and your camera and you’re set for a vintage adventure back in time.