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How To Fuel Passion In Your Environment

“There’s never going to be the perfect time to do something. The perfect time to do something is immediately, when you feel like you should do it.” – Director David Wept Fear of the unknown is a common human behavior — one that definitely doesn’t serve us but nevertheless common. Whether that email you’ve been […]

The Importance of Quality vs. Quantity

Since the beginning of time (You know, the first time humans started creating), there’s been the ethical debate of quality vs. quantity. The question applies to most aspects of our life, like processed food or healthy salad? Fast fashion or organic cotton? Explore feed or normal feed? It also applies to our creative projects and […]

My Advice To New Creative Directors

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted to Creative Director! New job with a brand new title!  Get ready for a lifetime of free swag from Production Houses and non-stop boondoggles to exotic locales on the company dime!  Hello, easy street! Hooray! Okay. That was fun, but it’s time to get real. Being a Creative Director is a […]


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