How To Fuel Passion In Your Environment

How To Fuel Passion In Your Environment

“There’s never going to be the perfect time to do something. The perfect time to do something is immediately, when you feel like you should do it.” – Director David Wept

Fear of the unknown is a common human behavior — one that definitely doesn’t serve us but nevertheless common.

Whether that email you’ve been meaning to send or those three words you’ve been meaning to say to someone, we tend to be the only ones stopping ourselves from doing what we truly want to do.

Another action we love to lean toward is blaming our problems on our surroundings, and for many that blame shifts onto their environment.

David Wept, a video director, colorist and DP, takes us through his journey from North Carolina to New York City, one from being a videographer with no camera to being the boss on set. Not only that, but he finally tells us what we’ve been needing to hear as creatives for a very long time: “Get out of your head.”

Watch Wept chat below in our industry issues series about about how to consistently fuel your passion and creativity within any place that you find yourself: