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How To Create An Editorial Halloween Shoot

It’s October, aka Halloween season, which means it’s time to break out the monster movie makeup and style up some spooky looks. For creatives, this season means you get to showcase your skill sets through a Halloween themed shoot. This year, we have seen an influx of MUAs and photographers going above and beyond to […]

The Creator’s Manual

Is selling out necessary? The shorter answer is no! Selling out is totally unnecessary. You probably got into influencing or got to where you are as an influencer because you’ve got some sharp creative skills and marketing instincts. Provided that’s true, I feel pretty confident that you care about both artistic integrity and success, which […]

5 Ads I Love & 5 Ads I Hate

Judging creativity in Advertising is a very subjective business. There is no algorithm (yet!) that can definitively say whether or not your ad is good or bad. That said, let me present my infallible, 100% correct and unassailable list of 5 ads that suck and 5 ads that don’t. 5 ADS I LOVE Jaguar. The […]

The Sellouts & The Hustlers

There are three main categories of players in the game of entrepreneurship: sellouts, hustlers, and lucky folks. Players are those who get to show up every day and do their thing (or try to). A sellout is a pretty dirty word. In some circles, hustler used to be, too, but by and large is no […]

The Art of Influencing

In 1936, Dale Carnegie wrote a book titled “How To Win Friends and Influence People” which I never read because the idea of mastering friendship and power through a list of how-tos seems farfetched. The title is as much of a joke as “The Origins of the Universe for Dummies” is to me. I’m part […]


Every week, H Collective chooses 5-10 of their favorites images from the #MetOnTheHub tag on Instagram and compiles them into a short list for the community to vote on! Every Thursday evening, the photographer and model with the most votes will receive $100 each and H will announce the next set of finalists. In doing […]

The Art of Instagram

In recent years, I’ve gotten my head around the fact that all companies, particularly social media titans like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are pretty abstract things. Without your pictures of that thing you have with floors/walls/yoga/coffee/sunsets, etc., etc. Instagram is just inanimate (yet extensive) coding around the idea that people like to dress up their lives […]

The 10 Best Photography Books for Knowledge and Inspiration Copy

In the creative field, engaging in consistent learning and finding inspiration are two ways that you can shape and grow within your work. With photography, an expansive knowledge base of the medium as well as figuring out what type of art inspires, challenges and entices you – are definitive ways for you to become a […]


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