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Central Park Creative Meetup, NYC

When you think of community, what do you think of? For creatives, community is crucial in the development of our careers and collaborations. Hosting or attending an H meet-up is a great way to get to know members in your area, begin networking, and start brainstorming future projects. We took to the New York City […]

The Importance of Quality vs. Quantity

Since the beginning of time (You know, the first time humans started creating), there’s been the ethical debate of quality vs. quantity. The question applies to most aspects of our life, like processed food or healthy salad? Fast fashion or organic cotton? Explore feed or normal feed? It also applies to our creative projects and […]

20 POC Photographers On The Rise

We are here to highlight some of our rising People of Color (POC) photographers at The Hub! Read about these creatives who are boldly reshaping the fashion industry. 1.) Adeib El Masri Adeib is an Arizona based photographer who travels in between to the middle east all of the time. His photography style focuses on […]

20 Female Photographers On The Rise

We are highlighting some of our rising female photographers at The Hub! These 20 fierce and bold creatives are paving the path for new forms of art and expression to emerge across social media. Take a look at the inspiring work they produce below. 1.) Lydz Leow Lydz is a fashion portrait photographer that is […]

LA Based Creator, Seidi Hakkanen, Shares Her Experience Being A Creative

Los Angeles based photographer, stylist, and model, Seidi Hakkanen, shares her experiences being a creative. “So many people do what I do. But, what sets me apart is my perspective on how I see things and how I put things together. I’m just inspired by all the creativity around me, and everyone is doing something […]

Inspiring Photographers Today: Sanna Lehto

Sanna Lehto is a photographer from Helsinki, Finland born in 1990. She has a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Photography from Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture. She was one of the finalists of the 33rd edition of the International Festival of Photographer at Hyeres. Sanna is fascinated by color combinations and living […]

Inspiring Photographers Today: Natasha Yankelevich

Natasha Yankelevich is a photographer and designer from Moscow, Russia.  She was born November 1st, 1988. In 2005, she entered the Russian Tourism and Service University to learn graphic design. After completing her degree, she worked as a graphic and web designer. In addition to pursuing design, she began to take on modeling. Her experiences […]

Inspiring Photographers Today: Francesco Lonigro

Francesco is an Italian photographer based in Berlin, with a Master’s degree in Art history. After working for several years in art galleries he chose to make photography his profession. Francesco started working with several companies as a commercial and product photographer, while also cultivating his passion for portraiture. The idea behind the series was […]

What Is Art? 9 Creators Answer The Question

So, what is art? The thing about art is that, like love, friendship, family or life itself, something so integral to the human experience can seldom be defined any specific way. Sure, some people regard their art as a tactile expression, while others see it as their music, or their writing. Others define art as […]


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