What Is Art? 9 Creators Answer The Question

What Is Art
What Is Art

So, what is art? The thing about art is that, like love, friendship, family or life itself, something so integral to the human experience can seldom be defined any specific way. Sure, some people regard their art as a tactile expression, while others see it as their music, or their writing. Others define art as the way they dress, or style their homes.

Thinking about how other people define art can help broaden our perception when it comes to deciding what is and isn’t artistic. Whether it’s existential or practical, perplexing or crystal clear, here are 9 different creators explaining what art means to them.

“Art is anything expressive. It’s creating in the world what I feel.” – Ashley, graphic designer

“Art is what I do, and however I do it. By trade, I am a musician and composer, but I don’t see my art as limited to just what I create for work. I see art as the way that I communicate with others how I am feeling and what I am experiencing.” – Michael, composer

“Materials that are manipulated by man.” – Johann, author

“Art is fun. Art is whatever you feel moved to do or create. It’s impossible to say that the way someone walks around each day isn’t a form of art, because it’s how you do it and what you bring to it that makes all the difference.” – John, creative director

“For me, art is mostly the way I make life beautiful. It’s how I piece together different bits of inspiration and creativity to form something completely unique, something that so deeply resonates with me that I feel moved by it. I think it’s important for everyone to actually bring art into every part of their lives. I think it’s what makes life worth living.” – Jen, interior designer

“I work with individuals with intellectual disabilities, and teach them art classes. I can tell you from that experience that ‘art’ is genuine expression. What’s beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you, but what matters is that you have the courage to create it anyway.” – Maria, gallery manager

“Art is design. I think the cop out is ‘art is everything,’ but that doesn’t mean everything is ‘good’ art, but it’s so subjective, that’s the thing. Everything is technically art, because everything needed to be created and designed and built, like even the chair you’re sitting on that you don’t think twice about. So, there’s design in everything in the way people plan everything. So I would say that it has to be creative, because I wouldn’t call a mountain range art. It’s a man-made, or man-altered, thing.” – Steven, social media manager

“I see art as a spiritual expression. I believe that it is how we share and connect with others, and I think it’s how we get more deeply acquainted with who we most essentially are.” – Jamie, writer

“Art is whatever you feel. Obviously, life is art and all of that… but that’s what it really comes down to. What separates art from everything else is whether or not it makes you feel different than before.” – Raina, writer