Case Studies

All of our Creators have been hand-selected based on the quality of their work. We've shot for hundreds of brands across the country - check out some of the incredible content that's been delivered...

Kin Euphorics

Kin is a cool product – hip, aspirational and unique. They have a very opinionated, well-established brand for such a relatively small company. The Hub creators enjoyed the challenge of putting a spin on the solid Kin foundation, creating images, GIFs and short videos that help push the brand forward.

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest represents what many smaller, fast-growing brands aim to accomplish. We love working with them because they shine as a gold standard for smaller beverage brands to aspire towards. And they give The Hub full freedom to take risks and create breakthrough product-focused content across a variety of SKUs.


Minna preaches the idea of making “the good stuff” without any of the “not so good stuff,” as they call it. We agree with that philosophy. A few shipments of Minna were sent to some of the top Hub photographers with only one instruction: “make us proud.”


The Hub was founded in San Francisco where Hint is worshiped. They did a series of shoots with some of our top product photographers to see our “bread and butter”, and are exploring The Hub to create content for much larger campaigns involving TikTok and other key digital channels.

Something & Nothing

Focused on authenticity, curiosity, and sustainability, Something & Nothing isn’t just a drink — it’s an idea, a movement, a message. With seltzers that incorporate unique Japanese fruits and Sri Lankan influences, culture is at the core of their product. Their goal of “refreshing people and planet” through an admiration for beauty and life is something we love.

Del Monte

At one point, Del Monte was the biggest company using The Hub, with over 4,000 employees. Yet they’re still a progressive and open-minded brand with big ambitions. They use The Hub for exciting projects that often require work at scale, in incredible turnaround times, with very tight budgets. We have become their innovative ace up the sleeve for visual content.

The Great American Turkey Co.

GATC was started by one of The Hub’s advisors and mentors, Kirk Postmanteur, who founded Access Worldwide, and led growth for premium brands like Dom Perignon, FIJI Water, Ferrari, NetJets, any many more. The Hub shot at unbeatable rates for GATC to create dozens of recipe and product images quickly, helping them launch their first go-to-market campaign.

RIND Snacks

We’ve been working with Rind since the early days of The Hub, and have watched each other grow. They make an incredible product…we like to think we do too. The Hub has shot several times for Rind and our creators always enjoy bringing their unique products to life.


We love working with Tenayo because their product is high quality and full of integrity. They have also worked with Red Antler, the gold standard of design for growing brands, just like Cann and some of our other favorite brands shooting content on The Hub.



Yelp approached The Hub to find a group of talented photographers that also had a following on Yelp. Easier said than done? Not with The Hub – we delivered 20 shoots across the country at a fraction of the price a typical campaign would cost. This work for Yelp is a great example of how far-reaching and diverse The Hub community is.