Creative Outlets: A Q&A With Editorial Photographer Tyler Judson

Editorial Fashion Photographer

Let’s be real here: it’s totally okay to have more than one creative outlet. No matter what you’re passionate about – photography, styling, makeup, videography – you don’t have to stick to that one thing. In fact, it might even be healthier to dip your toes into other creative outlets. For Atlanta-based photographer Tyler Judson, that’s what he does. Tyler specializes in Conceptual Editorial Fashion Photography & Self Portraiture. It’s pretty obvious how comfortable and talented he is with fashion and photography, don’t you think?

Q&A with Self-Portraiture and Editorial Fashion Photographer Tyler Judson

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When did you start taking photos? When did you realize you had a true passion for it?

I was always the artsy kid in my small town and took photos on point and shoots for years. I started taking it seriously when I was 15, that was when I started my self-portraits. That exploration helped me find my style and obsession with photography.

As a Editorial Photographer, are you inspired by something you’ve seen or something you’ve experienced?

I’m inspired by so many things! My work usually focuses on my main obsessions which inspire me, those are fashion, camp, conceptual make-ups, and drag.

What was the coolest project you worked on? Is there a company you hope to work with one day? 

At my school (SCAD Atlanta), I work as a photographer for our fashion department. This means that once a year I get to photograph all of the garments that our senior designers are working on for our final runway show. In my latest series “Saferoom” I was able to explore set design and unique ways to showcase their garments. If I could work with any company I would love to creative direct for a fashion house or publication, PAPER, Nylon, British Vogue, or Marc Jacobs would be the dream.

Are you focused primarily on being an Editorial Photographer or do you have other creative outlets? 

While photography and creative direction are my main realms, I am also a conceptual makeup artist and design collabs with fashion designer friends! No matter what medium I’m working in, I just love the feeling of creating.

What cameras and lenses you use to shoot? What kind of camera would you recommend for someone who is just starting out in photography? 

For most of my work, I use a Canon 5D Mark IV with my favorite lens the Canon 24-70mm f2.8. I also occasionally use the Canon 5DS and Canon 85mm f1.8. For film, I love my Olympus OM-1 and the Mamiya RB67. I process my photos using Capture One, (which changed my life) and Adobe Photoshop.

I think you can take any photo you have in mind with the camera you have on your phone and good light, but when starting out I loved my Canon 80D and used the trusty Canon 50mm f1.8, and 24mm f2,8.

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Do you have any words of advice for freelance photographers who are looking to get started with their career?

Make those connections!! You could be the most talented artist in your field but if you fail to connect with others around you then you might as well not be doing it! Social media is a powerful tool, so tag the people you want to see your work, make friends with others so they can help you carry your name to bigger and better places. Being able to go into any major city and having a friend to create with is an amazing thing and more people should have these relationships!

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