9 Best Small Business Grants For Women

Small Business Grants For Women
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If you’re a girlboss or female founder, you know how tough it is to build and grow your business. If you have the passion and drive – you may just need that extra financial push to turn your dreams into a reality. That’s why you need to apply for one of these small business grants for women.

No matter what type of company you have, there is a small business grant for your brand. Apply to the grant applications currently open and bookmark the other opportunities for the future. Either way, you can start building your entreprenuial dreams today.

Here is our list of the 9 best small business grants for women founders and entrepreneurs.

9 Best Small Business Grants For Women

Amber Grant 

The first small business grant for women is the Amber Grant.

The Amber Grant began in 1998 by WomensNet in memory of a young women, Amber Wigdahl. Since then, it has grown substantially and positively affected the lives of many entreprenuial women.

The winner will be chosen by their judges to receive either a $2,000 or the annual $25,000 grant toward building their business.

To apply, fill out the form here.  It costs $15 to apply.

You’ll need to tell them about your business and what you would do with the money if you received the grant. Be sure to speak from the heart – the judges are looking for passionate, business leaders.

Don’t hesitate, the application deadline is July 31, 2019 – apply now!

Women Founders Network

The second small business grant for women is the Women Founders Network.

This annual competition is for Female Founders. Its aim is to help 10 women entrepreneurs become pitch ready. They help them develop and sharpen their plans on how they will scale their company and make it appealing to Angel and VC investors.

The top 10 finalists receive:

  • One on one coaching for the Fast Pitch Event
  • Financial mentoring
  • Connections with investors
  • Cash investment potential from investors

Plus, this program awards over $50K in cash prizes and $100K in professional services.

The applications for this year are currently closed, but you can bookmark their contest to apply early in 2020.

Tory Burch Fellows Program

The third small business grant for women is the Tory Burch Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program is designed for women entrepreneurs. It provides them a community of support to grow their business.

Those who are selected will receive:

  • Trip to the Tory Burch Office: 4 days of workshops and networking with innovative founders and business experts
  • 1-Year Fellowship: Peer to Peer network of entrepreneurs and resources
  • $5,000 Grant
  • Pitch Day – the opportunity to pitch their business to industry influencers

Currently, the 2019 applications are closed. But, the 2020 applications will open on January 31st. Mark your calendars and apply for this fellowship. 

Cartier Women’s Initiative 

The fourth small business grant for women is the Cartier Women’s Initiative.

This initiative is dedicated to driving change by empowering women entrepreneurs. Since 2006, it has supported 219 female entrepreneurs worldwide.

Submissions are currently open for the 2020 Edition, with the deadline being August 14, 2019 at 2PM (CEST).

The 21 finalists, representing the top 3 businesses from each of the 7 regions around the world, will receive:

  • One to one business coaching
  • Workshops and networking sessions
  • Media visibility and interview opportunities with local ad international press.

The 7 grant winners (1 from each region) will receive $100,000 in prize money.

The 14 runner ups will receive $30,000 in prize money.

Every finalist will be awarded a scholarship to attend the 6 day INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Executive Education Program. As well as, ongoing support for the growth of their business.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity, apply here. 

The Girlboss Foundation

The fifth small business grant for women is the Girlboss Foundation.

This foundation launched in 2014 and has awarded over $130,000 in financial grants to female entrepreneurs.

Girlboss grants are biannual. The beneficiary receives project funding for $15,000, plus exposure through the Girlboss platform and community as well as press visibility.

Applications are no longer open, but you can save their page for applying next year. Read more here and stay in the loop on Girlboss grants.

Idea Cafe Grants

The sixth small business grant for women is the Idea Cafe Grants.

The Idea Cafe is a free entreprenuial resource to help small business owners grow their business. They offer their own grants as well as feature daily and government grants.

To get full access to their grant database, sign up here. 

Plus, they offer advice on starting a business, funding your operation and running a successful company. Check out Idea Cafe today for all of your self-employment needs!

FedEx Grant

The seventh small business grant for women is the FedEx Grant.

Every year, ten entrepreneurs win grants and prizes through the FedEx program. Since 2013, they have distributed over $778,000.

It is open to US based, for-profit small businesses that have fewer than 99 employees and have been in operation selling a product for not less than 6 months at the start of the contest.

In fact, the prize packages include:

  • Grand prize – $50,000 plus $7,500 in FedEx office print and business services
  • Silver Prize – $30,000 plus $5,000 in FedEx office print and business services
  • Bronze Prize – 8 winners of $15,000 plus $1,000 in FedEx office print and business services

The 2019 contest entry period has closed, but you can enter the 2020 contest in 132 days by visiting the countdown page.

To read more about the process, application and to mark your calendars for submission – visit the FedEx grant page, here. 

National Association For The Self Employed 

The eighth small business grant for women is the National Association for the Self Employed.

The NASE Growth Grant awards a new winner each month up to $4,000 to support their growing business.

Since 2006, they have awarded nearly $1,000,000 through the Growth Grants program. In order to apply, you will need to join NASE.

If you are an annual member, you can apply immediately. If you are a monthly member, you can apply 90 days after joining NASE.

To read more about the Growth Grants, check out their page here. 

Eileen Fisher Women In Environmental Justice

The ninth small business grant for women is the Eileen Fisher for Women in Environmental Justice.

Eileen Fisher is moving toward a “future with inclusive, equitable and sustainable systems for all people by deepening the connection between women’s rights and environmental justice.”

Above all, their grant program is to help aid in women’s vulnerability to climate change. Moreover, to accelerate progress toward improving the status and rights of women and the health of our planet.

In 2019, they plan to award $200,000 annually in amounts from $5,000 to $30,000.

According to their page, applicants must align with one or more of these points:

  1. “Increasing women’s participation in decision-making. Nonprofits and applicable programs are not required to have an explicit environmental focus, but they must be able to demonstrate how their program creates positive environmental outcomes.”
  2. “Training women and girls in climate change adaptation, mitigation and advocacy. Nonprofits and applicable programs must provide women and girls with knowledge, tools and access to contribute to climate change resiliency and/or advocate for improved climate change policies.”
  3. “Engaging women in the sustainable economy. Nonprofits and applicable programs must create opportunities for women to pursue livelihoods that elevate them as leaders in environmental solutions while improving their well-being and that of the planet.”

The current cycle for applications is closed, but will reopen for 2020 submissions in May. However, you can read all about the requirements and mission of this grant program to see if your business qualifies for the 2020 program.

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