3 Major Ways You Can Revolutionise Your Small Business In Real Life

So you have your business and a presence on social media. You’re using digital marketing techniques that you know will help you succeed, but still — you should want to revolutionise your business into something great in real life.

Once you have your business, you have to make sure you’re promoting your brand as something valuable, reliable, and with good intentions. You want to win over the customers with your brand, don’t you?

How you can revolutionise your small business in real life:

Do things with good intentions.

Once you have your business and you know the values and mission statement of your brand, you can use that to your advantage. In other words, connect with your community. Market your business well, and to do that, have good intentions.

Whether you’re promoting your business at a local event or doing business at a store front, you need to connect with your audience. If you can create personal relationships with customers or potential clients or business partners, it shows that you’re reliable and genuine with your intentions as a company.

People will want to work with you if you have a wholesome brand and genuine mission statement and aren’t monetising off of what could be considered “trendy.” Just be personal and transparent about who you are and what your company represents. Be authentic and people will want to work with you!

Accept that there’s power in numbers!

As we mentioned before, people will do business with people who are genuine. With that being said, there’s power in numbers and it would be smart to partner with other small businesses. It’s a great way to pool resources for both of you and will help you in the long run when people know that you’re personal and good with clients, customers, and partnerships.

How can I do that?

Send newsletters with news and promotional coupons or offers. Host events to connect with your community or invite people out for coffee to network. Sending handwritten notes as a ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ — shows that you’re invested in communicating with a community. Working with other small businesses is a great way to form a strong alliance with people who will benefit you, just as you’ll benefit them.

Promote your business with certain marketing materials.

If social media disappears, you will need a backup plan. You should invest in certain market materials to help business growth: business cards, postcards, flyers, and clothing. Promotional merch—t-shirts and tote bags, for example–are important for your business. Why? Customers can promote your business everywhere they go by being a walking advert for your company, which could certainly help create word of mouth buzz.

Business cards, postcards, and flyers are a quick and great way to get a message across: what your business is, your mission statement, what services are provided and any available offers, and who/how to contact. They can be pinned on boards in the local library or coffee shop, pinned on a board in a community centre, or passed out at a local event. These should be designed in an eye-catching, easy-to-read way that offers a call-to-action. They are physical representations of your business as something more than just a URL or a name on Instagram.

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Find out what makes you stand out from the rest of the small businesses out there by using marketing materials to support you in real life. Connect with your community in a personal way and create relationships with other small businesses. Be transparent with your brand and your business plan.


It makes customers and potential partners want to work with you. By revolutionising your business as something reliable, transparent, genuine, and hardworking, your business will boom.