How To Use Lightbox Photography To Elevate Your Product Images

lightbox photography
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Are you a product photographer looking to refresh your images? Are you ready to take your photography to the next level and create high quality, crisp product shots for your clients? Then, you need to use the technique of Lightbox photography.

As a product photographer, you know the importance of creating stunning deliverables. The images you produce need to be visually appealing, should entice your client’s customers and effectively generate sales.

If you’re interested in revamping your method of capturing product images, you need to test out Lightbox photography.

Since, you may be wondering:

What is Lightbox photography?

How does it work?

Where can I buy a Lightbox?

We’re here to break it down and give you all the information you need about creating inspired Lightbox imagery.

Let’s talk about how you can use Lightbox photography to elevate your product images.

What is LightBox Photography?

For starters, Lightbox photography is essentially a mini studio developed solely for small product images.

These compact studios are boxes of varying sizes, with each side covered in a white backdrop material and fully illuminated by constant light.

Lightbox photography is a technique that was developed for capturing better quality product, food and still life shots. With the design of the Lightbox, the lighting source within the platform offers complete coverage of the object. Therefore, this allows the photographer to capture every single detail and element of the product.

How Do I Use Lightbox Photography?

Utilizing Lightbox photography for your images is simple and effective. Think of the Lightbox as a scaled down studio. The four sides of the box will act as your backdrop and the light source will illuminate your set and product.

To use the Lightbox to elevate your product images, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Place your object in the center of the Lightbox for proper positioning
  • Determine the angle at which you want to photograph your product
    • Overhead, flat lay perspective
    • Eye level perspective
    • Off centered, angled perspective
  • Set up your distance from the Lightbox
    • Capture a full product shot
    • An overhead viewpoint
    • Images that showcase various sides of the product
    • An up-close, detail shot that displays key features such as the product/brand name
  • Once you have composed your frame, shoot away to capture your image

5 Lightbox Photography Systems For Your Images

So, as you can see, it’s easy to create top quality images using Lightbox photography.

If you’re interested in using a Lightbox for your next product shoot, here are our 5 recommended Lightbox systems you can pick up today:

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
Amazon Basics Lightbox Kit

The Amazon Basics Lightbox Photo Studio is compact and efficient. Measuring 25″ x 30″ x 25″ – this kit fits a variety of product sizes.

It comes with a power supply, user manual and pre-installed removable bright, white backdrop. The lighting is LED and offers a 5600K daylight balanced resolution.

Plus, it has a front 3-door system that allows you to maximize image angles while reducing outside reflections.

Mini Photo Studio by Puluz
Lightbox by Puluz

This mini photo studio box by Puluz is a portable and easy to use Lightbox set. It comes with the light tent kit, white folding lighting soft box with 20 LED lights and 6 backdrops for product display.

It has features such as:

  • High brightness
  • Multi angle shooting
  • Fast installation
  • USB power supply

Plus, it is offered at an affordable price point for any photographer.

LimoStudio Table Top Photography Studio
Lightbox by LimoStudio

The LimoStudio Lightbox kit is a 24″ table top photography studio.

It comes with the photo tent, 2x double head light set and a mini camera stand. Plus, the entire kit is foldable and compact for on the go shooting and simple storage.

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box
Lightbox by ESDDI

The ESDDI is a 20″ studio Lightbox.

It comes with an adjustable brightness, portable folding hook and loop for professional table top photography. Plus, it has a lighting kit, 120 LED lights and 4 color backdrops.

And, with its flexible shooting angles – you can choose how you want to frame your product. The professional silver film reflective fabric inside of the Lightbox will diffuse light evenly, so that you can capture images without vignetting.

Emart LED Lightbox
Emart Lightbox

The LED Lightbox by Emart measures 14″ x 16″.

It comes with the portable photo studio box and a professional light box setup. Plus, it is equipped with 4 photo box backdrops in the color options: white, black, blue and gray.

And, it comes with a tripod stand that works with a smartphone. It has carrying handles that allow you to take it with you and shoot anywhere.

To wrap it up, shooting product images is seamless with the use of Lightbox photography. Test out the process for yourself on your next product photography shoot.

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