We Talked With 7 Creators About Their Experience Working With H And This Is What They Said

The Hub is a place for creators to help one another. Whether if you’re passionate about photography, filmmaking, styling, makeup, or modeling — you love what you do and you want to continue doing it. And that’s amazing.

Creators On The Hub

We reached out to a handful of creators who have been on The Hub for quite some time and have gotten jobs with us. We asked them for their honest opinion working with and for us.

This is what they said: 


“Getting to work with a team of people who genuinely care about helping creatives get paid work and create art for big companies has been such an awesome opportunity. And H pays ON TIME. So many creatives are always stuck chasing invoices, but you don’t have to worry about that with H because they’re in it with us and understand all of our struggles.”

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“I’m not quite sure where I’d be if it weren’t for H Collective. In fact, I have no idea. H has been a very special part of my life since moving to New York. I was lucky enough to meet Shannon in Phoenix a couple years back, through the Hub nonetheless. I happened to move to NYC around the same time as her, and she immediately connected me with the rest of the H team- who consisted of several people that I have looked up to for years. I immediately began modeling for H here and there but have recently assumed a more permanent position, running our Digital Marketplace that showcases creators on the Hub. Working at H is a true blessing. Because H is a start-up that is constantly changing direction and taking on new projects, we are forced to learn, grow and change. We are lucky enough to have a strong leader, James Cole, who seems to find every way he can to improve. Being part of a community with such a large number of creators at our disposal is a true honor. The Hub is full of thousands that produce some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. I am inspired daily. I am beyond thankful to work at H Collective.”

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My experience working with H has been great– I feel like I have a lot of creative freedom to build out assets and photoshoots the way I like, I get paid CRAZY fast, and Shannon is super great to work with. No qualms at all on my end.”


My experience working with H has been absolutely fascinating! Everyone has been so nice and supportive since day one. I can tell how hard they work over there — every single message email and question I had was answered immediately and promptly. Every product and package was sent exactly on time and I received payment immediately after sending off my work. It’s honestly been kind of a dream come true and I look forward to helping H and working with them for future projects.”

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I worked with H as one of their Community Managers in 2017 and I was basically leading the New York Community of Creatives and recruiting people into H’s newest platform at the time, The Hub. I was so grateful for that position because it put me outside of my comfort zone. I used to be terrified of the idea of speaking in front of just 10 people, but thanks to the position I had at H as a Community Manager, I was able to be in front of 300+ people, speak to them, and lead them into a networking atmosphere of other people creating content. Through that position, I was able to recruit 500+ creators into The Hub.

My leadership skills were definitely built a lot while holding that position and it set my personal career in a fruitful direction. I am now able to walk into any room with Marketing Directors, CEO’s etc. and present myself in a confident way and be able to provide value. Now, I work for H as one of their videographers. It has been fun — H gives me the ability to articulate the brand’s needs through the aesthetic of my craft so I never feel creatively limited. It’s always fun and exciting to tackle each project from different angles. One of the biggest things is the trust H puts in my hand to execute the vision of a given project. It’s scary at times, but exciting to know that they trust my visual content.”

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“It would be wrong for me to call it work. For me, it’s something I enjoy.

Every week changes with what I do. However, seeing all of my co-workers, helping them with tasks, and contributing to a greater cause are things that make the long commute and tough tasks all worth it. Honestly, I am blessed to have a job here in the first place and I hope I stay humble and hustle enough to earn a permanent position here. I’m glad to be here and be part of a team of hard-working individuals I get to call friends.”

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“I love working with H collective because I can tell they truly value my craft and the work I am producing. On different projects, the terms and deliverables for the shoots are always clearly outlined and defined which helps me deliver the very best photos! They are super open to my own creative direction which also encourages me as a creative. They make me feel like my work has value which is HUGE in this industry!”

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