How To Upgrade Your Brand Copy To Magnetize Clients, Followers & Readers

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Baker

Strategic copy is an essential component to brand growth. In addition to facilitating a sense of community among current users, it also allows for the necessary acquisition of potential clients, followers and readers. So how do you upgrade your brand copy to magnetize new interest?

In reality, there are lots of ways. (And given the broad nature of business, what works for one may not work for all.) However with that said, there is certainly still a range of tried and true principles for brands to follow. So if you’re looking for a blueprint to improving your content, here are a few tips to get you started. 

Begin by getting to know your audience.

Regardless of your field, the copy you create is designed to speak to a distinct community of people. Whether it’s potential clients, curious followers or regular customers, it’s important that your voice resonates with those who are frequenting your platform. Taking time to understand the type of people that follow you on social media or are subscribed to your email list, is an ideal place to begin. Why? Because when you understand who you’re talking to, it’s a lot easier to build an authentic connection. Catchy copy may bring them to your business, but surface level content certainly won’t inspire them to stay.

Learn to use the language that keeps them coming back.

If you’re speaking to competitive athletes, your language is going to read differently than if you’re speaking to poets. Understanding the way your community thinks and the language they use helps to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the messaging you create. In addition, honing in on this skill will help to build a deeper sense of trust in your brand.

Be consistent in the way you communicate.

We live in a world where individuals are constantly inundated with new information. As a result, it can often be difficult for brands to make a lasting impression. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to remind readers why they should care about what you have to say. Whether through weekly email blasts or daily social media posts, a brand’s ability to gain relevance is the result of their willingness to show up. After all, consistency is key.

Empower readers to learn and grow.

Humans are creatures of habit. Provide them with the information they want, and they will continue to come back to your brand. It sounds simple, but that’s because it is. Brands that impart helpful tips or meaningful news to their readers not only maintain the interest of those that already follow them, but also magnetize others to jump on board.

Remember to leave people feeling inspired.

You’ve likely heard it said before that while people may not remember what you did, they will always remember how you made them feel. And the same rings true in business. Consumers, clients and readers ultimately want to be inspired, and as someone with a platform, it’s your job to inspire them. Creating content that leaves people feeling good about either themselves or the world around them is a powerful, and oftentimes, difficult task. However, if you can develop a voice that authentically allows individuals to feel seen, your copy will exceed that of those around you.