Aissata Belle On Black Representation In The Creative Scene

Aissata Belle, a filmmaker and coder, wanted to speak about the positive change towards the art culture and society.

She sheds light on the timeline of African Americans in the creative and scientific industry. Art has been around for centuries, with sculptures and drawings, and now, art has been taken in the digital direction.

It started with Henry Tanner, the first African American man to get attention for being an artist, to the creators popular now, including Kanye West and his movement to change music and fashion, Rihanna’s Fenty line helping women of color feel beautiful, Tyler Perry and his own production company, and Black Panther’s director Ryan Coogle. There’s also George Crum, the creator of the potato chip, and Mark Dean, one of the first scientists and engineers to lead a group of people to create the first processing chip.

Though there is a low percentage of African American directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, engineers, computer technicians, and scientists, there’s still a good number of creatives making moves and breaking through creative and scientific-creative industries in extraordinary ways.

She asks: “Without black artists and without the black creative scene, what would art be?”