Should You Use Format For Your Photography Website?

format photography website
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Are you looking to refresh your existing portfolio? Maybe it’s time to switch things up and consider using a new, innovative website platform. Have you considered using Format for your photography website?

Over here at H, we’ve tested a lot of different tools when building our photography businesses. Yet, when it comes to your photography website, it can be difficult to determine which builder fits your creative needs.

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We’ve been a fan of Format for a while and always include it in our list of the best website builders for your photography portfolio. But, instead of just giving you some snippets of information – we wanted to go further and offer a full in depth review of Format.

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So, if you’ve been considering trying out Format for your photography website – this article is for you. Let’s take a look!

Should You Use Format for Your Photography Website?

What Do We Like About Format?

Now, we all know that there are a plethora of quality website builders on the market. Yet, what is it that makes Format stand out from the rest?

In our opinion, Format is a great tool because it’s dedicated to artists and creatives. While most other platforms cater to everyone and anyone looking to build a website, Format really focuses on helping you build your professional portfolio.

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In fact, on their website it reads: “We designed our platform with creators in mind. With Format, you’ll get access to e-commerce, client proofing, marketing and blogging tools – so you never have to look anywhere else.”

format photography website
Build Your Professional Portfolio

Sounds pretty great, right? We think so.

Plus, Format has top of the line design. Not only is their platform clean, crisp and easy to use. But, their templates knock many out of the park. It can be incredibly hard to find a simple, yet visually appealing design for your work – but, that’s not the case with Format.

Finally, Format is reputable and their number of users showcases this. While other platforms may seem cool, how many photographers are actually using them for their website? There has been 455,000 sites built with Format and 7 Billion images displayed on their platform. And, those kind of numbers, don’t lie.

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How Does It Work For Photographers?

So, how exactly does Format work for photographers?

For starters, they have 23 unique templates for you to choose from. Whether you want vertical or horizontal perspective, slideshow or tiled design – Format has it all.

And, it offers full customization. So, that you can make your website completely unique. You can change colors, fonts, text and more without needing to understand any coding. Simple and easy to use – does it get any better?

format photography website
Quality Templates For Photographers

Plus, Format works for photographers and other artists. So, if you’re a photographer with a design business – you can build both of your unique websites using their templates. Designers, Photographers, Artists and Illustrators all use Format to showcase their work.

Check out some examples of portfolios created using Format, below:

format photography website
Examples of Sites Built With Format

What Does It Offer?

Now, that we know how awesome Format’s design and capabilities are – let’s take it one step further and talk about what features it offers for your website.

Format comes equipped with:

  • Dynamic Themes: They look good on browser, tablet and mobile
  • Flexible Pages and Layout: Use a template or even add your own style of code – making each page your own
  • E-Commerce Integration: Sell your photography prints and books directly from your site.
  • Simple Tools: Drag and Drop, Embed Videos, Add Custom Fonts
  • Customize To Your Desire: Add your own domain and you can even edit the code
  • Typography: The Art of Design infused into your site
  • Client Proofing: Deliver Client Work, Add Watermarks and Let them choose their images all in one place
  • Adobe Lightroom Integration: Publish your work to Format through proofing galleries in Lightroom.
  • Blogging: Share your story
  • iPhone App: To manage your website on-the-go
  • 24/7 Support: Format’s got your back
  • Instagram integration: Take your personal brand to the next level
  • Plus, SEO / Analytics / Password Protection and more..

Is there anything that Format doesn’t have?

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Why You Should Test Out Format For Your Portfolio

As you can see, Format is a high quality website builder that is guaranteed to make your photography portfolio stand out. With its design savvy templates, customizable options and array of top notch features – there appears to be no better choice than Format.

Want to test it out for yourself? Try it for free with their 14 day trial. And, see how your creative images come alive with a Format photography website.

Try Out Format Today

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