8 Awesome Photography Mugs You Can Buy Right Now

8 Awesome Photography Mugs You Can Buy Right Now

We all know that photography or any creative career for that matter, takes a lot of energy, dedication and drive. But, do you know what the real, key ingredient is to a successful career in the visual arts? Caffeine.. and lots of it.

To show your photographer friends and colleagues your unyielding support of their professional endeavors – why not pick them up an awesome photography mug for their morning dose of coffee or cup of tea?

Photography mugs can be great gift for the camera lovers and creatives in your life. Here are 8 awesome photography mugs you can buy online right now. Check out our gift guide below:

Here are the best photography mugs

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This replica of Canon’s 24-105 mm f/4 lens is guaranteed to keep your morning drink toasty. Made of stainless steal, this lens mug comes with an easy open sipping lid. Unique and charming for the photographer on-the-go!

I Shoot People Mug

The mug for your photographer friends with a dark sense of humor.. need we say more? You can find this mug by Twisted Envy on Amazon.

Oh, Crop Mug

The photography mug for those photographers who just love the editing process. You can grab this oh-so “punny” gift at Cafe Press.

VIP (Very Important Photographer) Mug

This magic, transforming mug changes as you enjoy your hot beverage. From completely black to slowly revealing a hand drawn image of a camera with the title, “Very Important Photographer” underneath – this is a gift that keeps on giving.

What the F? Mug

Sometimes photographers can’t figure out the best aperture, which leads us to the question: “What the F?” Grab this mug off Etsy for the technically savvy photographer in your life.

Customized Mug With Shutterfly

If you want to create a special, customized mug – you can easily upload your image to a ceramic or stainless steel mug with Shutterfly. They have a wide selection of mugs that can be designed with a single image or collage and add text if you want to include a message. This is a gift guaranteed to have a personal touch.

Analog Film Rules Camera Mug

A mug for your old school shooters, the lovers of analog photography. This mug says it all, “Film Rules” available now at Society6.

Vintage Camera Blueprint Mug

This mug is designed for vintage camera enthusiasts. The ceramic mug is artistically designed with the layout of photographic tools from the 1960s. Made for the history buff who can’t get enough of old-school visual treasures.