The 10 Most Dreamy Photo Locations in the US

photo locations united states
Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

The United States is a vast, beautiful country. It is a land of shining seas, endless skyways, valleys, forests and gulf stream waters. And, it truly has a lot to offer when it comes to stunning visual landscapes.

In fact, if you’re headed out on a road trip this summer across the USA, there are several must-see spots that you can’t miss.

From mountains to deserts to urban jungles and tropical beaches – here is our list of the 10 dreamiest photo locations in the U.S for your next adventure.

Photo Locations in the U.S.

The Canyons of Utah

Our first dreamy photo location in the U.S. are the canyons of Utah.

The list of canyons you can visit in Utah is endless. They practically cover the entire state with their beautifully rugged hues of orange.

Utah is best seen by way of the open road. Drive your car or rent one along the way and be sure to visit these canyons of Utah:

  • Zion Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Nine Mile Canyon and more!

Plus, most of them are free to enter. If not, they require a small fee which gives back to the state and associations dedicated to preserving such landmarks.

You can explore, hike and even camp in these canyons or in the areas surrounding. A perfect outdoor escape for your next trip.

photo locations united states
Photo by Nathaniel Foong on Unsplash

Yosemite National Park

Our second dreamy photo location in the U.S. is Yosemite National Park.

Chances are you’ve heard about Yosemite National Park, unless you’re living under a rock..

All jokes aside, Yosemite National Park is as great as all the hype makes it out to be. If you’re in Northern California and don’t stop to see this wonder of nature, you will be missing out.

Located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, the national treasure is known for its:

  • Sequoia Trees
  • Tunnel View
  • Bridalveil Fall
  • Granite Cliffs

Within the park you can stay at a lodge or camp in the great outdoors. Yosemite is a park that requires a few days visit to take in the whole experience. Truly worth it for anyone looking to experience the true beauty of the west coast.

photo locations united states
Photo by Ron Atory on Unsplash

San Francisco

Our third dreamy photo location in the U.S. is the city of San Francisco.

Situated in northern California, lies the city of San Francisco. 

Known for its quaint bayside and iconic Golden Gate Bridge, this city is one of the most unique spots in the United States.

Plus, the town is filled with architectural gems and a lively culture of people from around the world.

With its combination of land and sea, San Francisco is a city that you can’t pass up.

photo locations united states

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

New York City Skyline

Our fourth dreamy photo location in the U.S. is the New York City skyline.

Oh, New York, New York. The concrete jungle, the urban landscape of the east, the greatest city in the world – all things we know to be true.

New York may be a city of millions, but that doesn’t make it any less visually appealing. In fact, the New York skyline has been adored by many for decades.

Skyscrapers and city lights align together to form a visually stunning array. And, don’t even get us started on the sunsets.

Catch it from an elevated perspective from one of the city’s many rooftops – go ahead and see it for yourself, you can thank us later.

photo locations united states
Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

The Tropical Beaches of Florida

Our fifth dreamy photo location in the U.S. are the tropical beaches of Florida.

We hope you came prepared with some SPF because you’re about to enter the Sunshine State. Who ever said that you needed a tropical island getaway to experience pure, unfiltered beauty? Just head to one of the many beaches lining the coast of Florida.

From the sandy white beaches of Sarasota to the surfers on the west coast and the cultural hub of Miami beach down South – Florida really does have it all.

And, what better way to escape the city during the summer then to head to the beach? Did we mention the salt and sand make for a breathtaking backdrop? Don’t miss out on your tropical holiday in Florida.

photo locations united states
Photo by Ashley Satanosky on Unsplash

Mountain Ranges of Colorado

Our sixth dreamy photo location in the U.S. are the mountain ranges of Colorado.

Colorado has an incredible selection of mountain ranges to visit. Including, but not limited to:

  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Pikes Peak
  • Longs Peak
  • Mount Evans and more!

Not only are their views captivating, they offer a great escape for outdoor lovers. With hiking, camping and rafting, you’ll experience it all while visiting Colorado.

The rugged mountain tops and beautiful lakes are guaranteed to make for some stunning photographs.

photo locations united states
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

The Redwood Forest

Our seventh dreamy photo location in the U.S. is the Redwood Forest.

Located along the northern coast of California lies the Redwood National and State Park.

It is home to the tallest trees on Earth and is made up of prairies, woodlands, river-ways and more. When visiting the Redwoods, you will be able to witness a piece of American and world history.

The park has many areas that are ideal for hiking and camping – each with their own unique and picturesque spots for our adventurous photographers.

photo locations united states
Photo by Javier De los Santos on Unsplash

The Glacier National Park of Montana

Our eighth dreamy photo location in the U.S. is the Glacier National Park in Montana.

Located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, the Glacier National Park is 1,583 square miles of wilderness. It borders Canada and has more than 700 miles of hiking trails.

In the park, you can visit picture-worthy spots such as the Hidden Lake.

Visitors not only explore its beauty, but also engage in activities such as backpacking, cycling and camping. Plus, the park is full of wildlife for those interested in exciting nature photography.

photo locations united states
Photo by Linh Pham on Unsplash

Virginia’s National Forests

Our ninth dreamy photo location in the U.S. are Virginia’s National Forests.

Some of the most notable pieces of land located on the eastern coast of the United States are the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. With 1.8 million acres of land, they cover the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.

With beautiful lakes and trees in full bloom, this park is best to visit during the summer and fall.

Also, while you’re in Virginia be sure to check out the Cumberland State Forest.

Both of these forests are picturesque, natural treasures of the East Coast.

photo locations united states
Photo by Ruben Gutierrez on Unsplash

Desert Dunes of New Mexico

Our tenth dreamy photo location in the U.S. are the Desert Dunes of New Mexico.

The most notable desert in New Mexico is called the White Sands National Monument located in the northern Chihuahuan Desert.

It is comprised of rare white gypsum sand dunes that are home to various wildlife. The vast landscape of pure white makes this one of the most alluring and photogenic places in the United States.

If you’re looking for a spot that is truly outstanding – grab your camera and head to White Sands.

photo locations united states
Photo by Caleb Wright on Unsplash