20 Orlando Photographers And Models To Shoot With

20 Orlando Photographers And Models To Shoot With

H is a worldwide platform for visually driven creators to come together, connect, and inspire. Displaying the work of photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models H provides potential opportunities for creatives to do the work they love in a productive setting with other like-minded individuals. Their “Hub” of activity paves the way for artistically driven relationships to be born.

So you started your photography or modeling career and now what? You can’t keep taking selfies of yourself or photos of your siblings to make it in the creative industry. You instead need a varied portfolio and the only way to do that is to network with others within your community who are also trying to build their portfolios. For photographers that means working with models to practice their skills interacting with their subjects. This is easier to do when you know the people you could reach out to that would be interested in working with you.

Here at H we decided to make it easier, and for now, we’re zeroing in on Orlando. Below you will find a list of photographers and models you’ll want to shoot with this year. So check them out and do some reaching out. You never know where it may lead you.

1. Graham Oakley

Graham is a photographer whose work is filled with so much depth. He considers himself to have a refined vintage style. His belief is that the feel of an image must convey what you are trying to sell whether that be happiness, boots, a hotel, etc. so he strives to achieve that with his own work.


2. Nathan Waters

Nathan is a published model who is also a college student and graphic designer. He enjoys traveling and does freelance work. He does a lot of serious work so if you are looking for that stone-cold look, then he is your guy.

3. Kayla Surico

Based in Central Florida we love that Kayla is always experimenting with her work. She’s consantly trying new things, whether it’s posing her models differently or switching up her editing style the risk and reward is there. Meet up with her and swap those creative ideas.

4. Danielle Budd

Danielle has an enthusiastic style, so she can be your model and wardrobe coordinator for shoots. She does an amazing job working those angles and picking out the perfect outfits to go with each location she happens to be shooting in.


5. Nicole Solero

Nicole is an Orlando creative who is searching for those meaningful connections that will not only help her improve her work but also will always provide her with lifelong colleagues and friends. She is an artist through and through, and it is evident in her raw, emotional and compelling work.

6. Kelly Baysinger

Kelly is an artist and model who also does acting and painting. She is full advice, inspiration and self-love. Her work is beautiful and leans towards the editorial and high-fashion areas of modeling.

7. Herb Gonzalez

Herb is a photographer and cinematographer from Orlando. He specializes in lifestyle content creation. He is also an Emmy Award winning cinematographer. Make sure to check out his work for The Hub.


8. Taylor Newton

Taylor’s driving purpose, passion and drive comes from her desire to intermingle modeling, ministry and global missions. She has been modeling for over 10 years. She’s traveled to China, El Salvador and India. Her vision is to do what she can to change the world around her.

9. Chris Lampkins

Chris is a portrait, concert and landscape photographer. While he is currently living in Nashville, TN, he is originally from Cocoa Beach, FL. His work is bright, innovative, and intense. We love seeing his passion.

10. Jasmine McKee

Jasmine is a model who also really enjoys vintage styling. She has a love of neutral tones and earthy styles. She is also a student studying environmental engineering. Her style is fire, especially for outdoor shots.

11. Gerson Lopez

Gerson is a photographer and graphic designer from the Central Florida area between Tampa and Orlando. He does a lot of high fashion portrait photos. He is very good at capturing the poses of his models in a way that looks fierce and natural. He is detail oriented, and it pays off in his work.

12. David Hurtado

David is a 20-year-old model from Deltona, Florida. He’s always open for collaborations. He has a great sense of style and would be a welcome friend and fellow peer to work with and expand portfolios with.


13. Jacob Bailes

Jacob is a photographer of many talents. He does landscape photos, portraits and abstract images. There’s so much to see on his profile and many things you can learn from him. We love that he works with colors in his photos as well as movement. He combines the two in muted ways that still make things pop. He travels a lot; so get to know each other, and go on some kickass adventures.

14. Callie Dixon

Callie is a model with NEXT MODELS WORLDWIDE. She does a lot of fashion and editorial work. Her stare right into the center of a lens is stunning. Models and photographers can both learn from this one. She’s been in print, and we love that she’s not afraid to let her fierceness shine through.

15. Sufia Huq

Sufia is a beauty, editorial and lifestyle photographer. She is open to travel and her work is stunning. The way she captures each of her models individual personalities in each photo is amazing, and it makes her profile even more fun to be on. Check her out!


16. Chelsie Zayas

Chelsie is a model from Florida, but it is worth noting that she spends a lot of time traveling. Her time is split between Florida and the rest of the east coast. She is a fashion model, and she does an incredible job. And as for looks, she’s got you covered. Whether it’s curly or straight hair, or dark hair or blonde, she rocks it all.


17. Vania Elise

Vania is a fashion artist who has worked in Miami, Orlando, Arizona and New York. She is a photographer and filmmaker for personal and fashion brands. Her work is both intricately detailed and abstract. We love the intense vibes she is able to portray with any photo no matter the color palette used.

18. Christiana Page

Christiana is here to create. She loves colors, especially technicolor. Her interests consists of dwelling in the desolate, ugly places and finding the beauty within them. Not only is she an artist, but she’s also a member of the Disney College Program. She has an interest in musical theatre and film writing., and she’s always looking to collaborate — so shoot her a message.

19. Sam Dorado

Sam is based in Orlando, Florida, and he does headshots, beauty and fashion portraits. We love the risks he takes and how striking the end results end up being. His profile consists of very high-end beauty shots that are magazine quality with that almost-glossy editing. Truly an artist.

20. Anna Lievano

Anna is a model in Orlando who also enjoys music and shooting film. The variety of her posts is wonderful. She’s always changing her outfits, her hair and her makeup. It’s nice and refreshing to feel like she’s putting that extra effort in to show that all of her posts are not from the same shoot. Reach out and collaborate, because she can bring a lot of variety to your own portfolios.