Female Photographers’ Tips on Navigating the Industry

“I think one of the struggles that women face in our industry is often being overlooked or not taken seriously. I’ve experienced it a lot.”- Kassidy Renee

Women. Many incredible adjectives come to mind when we hear this word. Thanks to many successful women and men before us, the creative industry has become a better environment for females. However, change is still needed, and it starts with all of us. Here at H we asked six successful females to comment on being a women in the photography industry. 

As we all navigate our way through this industry, one very important thing we must remember as females is to stop comparing ourselves to one another as often. 

“One of the things that I see women struggle with the most in this industry is the struggle of comparison. Because of social media and just how many photographers there are out there, it’s just really easy for us to compare ourselves to each other and to stop thinking about the work that we create,” said Hannah Faragalla.

So what can we do to change discrimination, comparisons or not being taken seriously?

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According to Courtney Coles, we can focus on the positives. 2018 is the best time to be a woman in the workforce, and we must remember that “it really is about community over competition.” So take a moment to be friendly with other female photographers and be genuine about it. 

“We should be in a space where we are really building each other up and helping each other thrive and being the best artists we can be,” said Coles.

How can we do to help empower one another? An option is to include fellow females more.

“When I use a second shooter, I always choose female photographer,” said Lindsey Poyar.

By working with other females, you get to show that you truly appreciate their work through actions which speaks volumes over vocal praise. 

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“Women bring something different to the table”, said Monica Winters, and that’s the most positive part of being a woman in this field.

At the end of the day we all play a role in each other’s stories so be kind, be accepting, and be you. Their advice is genuine and powerful, remember it.

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