Wedit Gives Your Wedding Guests Their Own HD Cameras To Film With

Most couples hire a professional videographer for their wedding, and although the resulting video might be well made, it usually comes across as a bit impersonal. After all, the videographer doesn’t really know the couple or any of the guests.

Wedit is here to fix that problem. This innovative service provides your wedding guests with their own HD cameras, which they can use to capture footage of your big day. What makes these videos truly special is that you’re getting high quality HD footage of your wedding from the perspective of your loved ones, not some random videographer.


Here’s how it works. First, Wedit sends you five HD cameras (which are rechargeable via USB). Next, you hand the cameras over to friends and family, who use them to shoot as much footage as they want during your wedding.

After your special day has come to an end, Wedit hosts the raw footage for you to view online and allows you to download it.

There are also two amazing premium plan options. In the first one, Wedit will create a 3 – 5 minute professionally edited video set to the songs of your choice, in addition to providing you with the raw footage from the cameras.

In the next premium option, Wedit will create a 30 – 60 minute professionally edited video, in addition to the 3 – 5 minute video and the raw footage. That’s practically a feature film!

On top of it all, according to their customers, Wedit’s team is very responsive and professional.

Why didn’t someone think of this idea sooner? That’s a great question. Needless to say, weddings will never be the same.

Actually, come to think of it, Wedit can be used for other events too. Not just weddings.

Mind. Blown.