The Best Photography Studios in Atlanta

Photo by Aiony Haust

If you’re a photographer looking to shoot in a premier photography studio in Atlanta, or an Atlanta-based model searching for the best photography studio for headshots, we have you covered.

Atlanta is living up to its nickname of “The Hollywood of the Southeast,” and as creatives flock to the city, the caliber and scope of photography studio rentals continue to grow. There are so many options from which to choose; it can seem overwhelming to know which ones to trust.  We’ve made choosing easy for you by compiling a list of the best photography studios in Atlanta for any project on any budget.

Weldon Bond Studios

Address: 3700 Wendell Drive, Suite 22, Atlanta, GA, 30336

Phone: 404.692.2520

One of the best deals on photography studios in Atlanta, Weldon Bond rents for $25 an hour with a two-hour minimum. There are three studios available for rent with white, black, and gray walls to choose from as backdrops. One of the studios also features an infinity cyc wall.

Founder of the studio, Weldon Bond is an Atlanta-based hair, fashion, and makeup photographer. After years of experience, he opened his studio. In addition to studio space, there is an optional equipment rental which includes two light setups with stands, a camera, and a throne chair if you’re interested in adding a regal touch to your shoot.

Bond also holds Fashion and Beauty Photography workshops in the studio every Monday from 6pm-8pm which is an excellent resource for new photographers in Atlanta. The workshop offers tips on lighting, background selection, themes, and posing. Additionally, they show customers how to shoot without a professional hair and makeup artist. Lastly, attendees will also have the chance to shoot in-studio with a live model. Above all, you can learn more about the studio and its policies here.

Treehouse Studios

Address: 642 North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 404.254.3349


Treehouse Studios was founded in 2014 by acclaimed photographer Kelly Kline. This photography studio in Atlanta brings to life Kline’s vision of fostering a “place where creatives gather for collaboration, inspiration, and community.” The studio offers a production space for use by photographers, directors, and creatives.

The gorgeous, sparse, and modern studios make for the perfect shooting location. Both studios are adorned with chic concrete floors, hair and makeup stations, air conditioning, and a private dressing room. Studio A is 2880 square feet with 16-foot windows which flood the studio with beautiful natural light (the windows and skylights have shades for full lighting control). There is also an 18-foot cyc wall that acts as a beautiful backdrop for portrait, models, or catalog shoots.

Treehouse Studios has recently introduced a full kitchen with 5-burner gas stove, convection oven, refrigerator and more, making it an ideal space for food stylists and chefs.

Treehouse Studio B

Studio B includes 1900 indoor square feet as a 450 square foot patio which has a brick-lined area that serves a unique, textured backdrop. Studio B does not have blackout shades, but the windows are north-facing, and therefore the sunlight gives off a less direct, muted light.

Treehouse Studios offers easy grip and backdrop rentals through their website. Please note, three days before your studio shoot, you must have secured a certificate of insurance for $2,000,000.  You can learn more about rates and specifics of this awe-inspiring Atlanta photography studio here.

They also offer in-house headshot and portrait photography, and one client left a review just to say:  Many actors can agree that getting headshots done can be quite nerve-racking. However, Kelly at The Treehouse Photo Studio could not have made me more comfortable! My pictures came out awesome and most importantly, my agent Houghton Talent, really liked them as well. Happy as can be!

Studio Space Atlanta

Address: 3080 McCall Dr, Suite 2, Atlanta Ga, 30340

Midtown Location: 800 Forest Street, NW Atlanta, Ga 30318

Phone: 404.630.0508


With multiple studios to choose from depending on your needs, Studio Space Atlanta is a premier photography studio. The studio is available 24/7 and offers 8000 square feet of usable space, a full kitchen, client lounges, a conference room, free parking, WiFi, production offices, and equipment rental. Depending on the scope of your project, there is a “Studio Green” available for rental, which boasts a “60’ 3 wall Green Screen chroma key cyc.”

Studio Space Atlanta also offers a diverse range of props for rental including a projector, thrones, and 53 6-foot tall letters (2 of each letter of the alphabet, plus two hashtags). Their rates are competitive and fair, and you can find out more about their studio policies and rental specifics here.

StudioPlexx 47

675 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: 470.424.9552

Conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Studioplexx47 is one the best photography studios in Atlanta. The space houses multiple studios including, of course, a photography studio, but also a film studio, video studio, dance & fitness studio, and private studio space. Their goal is to provide top-of-the-line studio spaces at affordable rates, making the studio experience accessible to all  “Photographers, Film Directors, Music Video Producers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Choreographers, Personal Trainers, & anybody else that can take creative advantage of [the] unique studio rental space.”

The warehouse-style lofts boasts “20 foot ceilings, a climate-controlled environment, 2 balcony/loft mezzanines, sealed concrete floors, commercial-size garage door for easy vehicle access, natural lighting provided by six skylights, a private dressing room, a VIP entertainment lounge, a professional-size pool table, free Wi-Fi access, 2 PA systems, business meeting/conference room, and various wall finishes, colors, & textures. Regardless of what you’re shooting, you will find what you need in Studioplexx. Additionally, you can learn more about their (very affordable) rates and booking policies here.

Chil Studios

Address: 151 Ted Turner Drive Northwest, Atlanta, Ga, 30303 (visitors by appointment only)

Chil Studios is the Atlanta photography studio to visit if you are a model needing portraits. Established in 2013 by  Anu and Bhargava Chiluveru, the studio specializes in creative photography and video production. Creative director, Bhargava, won the esteemed title of Best Fine Art Photographer in 2015 and 2016, awarded by Creative Loafing and his work has been “displayed in Forbes Magazine, The AJC, the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport” and more.

The work of this creative team has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, The Huffington Post, Popsugar,  and was 2015 pick on The Knot: Best of Weddings. They have a perfect 5-star wedding on reliable website Wedding Wire, with one , Iris, writing:

Chil Studios was amazing to work with for both our engagement and wedding photos. Above all, they surely know how to make the couple happy! We had two wedding’s, a Hindu and a Christian one in the same day. I can truly say that they took their time with each ceremony to make sure all the moments we captured. They made sure to follow our timeline with the tight schedule we had. They were truly a pleasure to work with and to say our photos are astonishing would be an understatement!

In addition to portrait, wedding, and event photography, Chil Studios works in tandem with its in-house agency, Chil Creative to offer creative services for brands including look books, social media content, brand photography, live event coverage, and more. Additionally, you can learn more about working with this studio here.

Fratelli Studio

Fratelli Studio, one of the most renowned photography studios is headed by brothers, Ben and Bruce Smith. They have both been prominent professional photographers in the Atlanta creative scene for 30 years. Guided by the principles of “Collaboration & Quality,” clients typically find Fratelli by word of mouth and they remain clients for years. Fratelli (which translates to ‘brothers’ in Italian) reflects the spirit of the Smith brothers and the way they treat clients as family.

They say of their studio: Since 2002, we have been based out of a 5,600 square-foot studio located in the award-winning Lumberyard Lofts in Atlanta’s westside. Our studio provides numerous amenities to accommodate all types of sessions. On-site carpentry allows us the ability to mold the perfect photo setting. We offer a full-sized, professional kitchen with several deep freezers for clients who choose to ship products ahead of time. Within an arm’s reach, we house an extensive prop inventory, which includes tables, dishes, and silverware, as well as large windows for daylight shots. We are available for in-studio or on location shoots, wherever you need us t go—domestic or international.

Their gorgeous portfolio consists mainly of high-profile food brands including Oreo, Corona, and Bud Light and they are the premier agency to know about if you are a food photographer or food blogger looking to connect. Learn more about their studio here.

Ambient+ Studio

Address: 585 Wells Street Sw, Unit A, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: 404.436.1360


Ambient+ Studio dates back to 1910 where it was originally a raw cotton factory. More than a century later, it houses one of the most prominent photography studios in Atlanta.

With 4 unique (and stunning) studios to choose from, you will  find the ideal space for your shoot. Studio 1 is a full 10,00 square feet with hardwood floors, exposed white brick throughout, large factory windows which let in amazing natural light, a full kitchen, and a hair/makeup and separate wardrobe room. It is the perfect space for fashion shoots.

Studio 3 (there is no mention of a studio 2 on their website) offers 1750 square feet of active shooting space, hardwood floors, and exposed red brick. Studio 3a is perfect for smaller shoots, coming it at 500 square feet with painted brick and a modern wood-paneled wall. And finally, the Quonset provides 10,500 square feet of amazing industrial space with high ceilings, corrugated metal, a graffiti backdrop, and concrete floors. Lastly, the open space creates an endless amount of opportunities.

Ambient+ Studio also offers in-house equipment rental.

Coco Studios

Address: 767 Trabert Avenue NW. Atlanta, GA

Phone: 678.933.5402  or 404.637.0230

One of the benefits of shooting at Coco Studios, an Atlanta-based photography and event studio, is that the diversity of the studios plus the option to shoot outside means that many of their clients accomplish multiple shoots in one day that appear to be taken in vastly different places.

There is over 43,000 square feet spread out of two-levels, and an additional woodshop on premise with staff who are eager to build sets and complete your vision. Depending on what your shoot requires, Coco Studios offers hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, production support and “a crew for various departments of your production.”

They also offer one of the largest selection of props inventories with something available for anything your shoot may call for including food props, Hollywood props, ice sculptures, inflatables and so much more. You will be amazed (and maybe a little bit amused) by their prop selection. You can learn more, or book online here.


Belyew Photography Studios

Address: 1200 Foster Street NW-Studio GB6, Atlanta, Ga, 30318

Phone: 678.567.4464


If you are an Atlanta-based model looking for headhoots, Belyew Photography Studios is your place. Philip Belyew is a fashion, landscape, and portrait photographer with 3 decades of experience. He primarily shoots at the acclaimed Atlanta-based Goat Farm Art Center (where his studio is located) which offers a rustic and industrial backdrop for your photos.

If you are a photographer looking to rent studio space, Belyew also has you covered. Though the indoor “studio” is really just a small whitebox room used primarily for wardrobe changes,  and hair and makeups. Therefore, renting through Belyew Photography Studios gives you access to the 12 acres of lush outdoor space. There are short-term and long-term rentals available and you can check out all the details here.

Park Studios

Address: 690 Miami Circle NE, Suite #600, Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 404-848-9695

Designed and run by renowned child and family photographer, Alice Park, Park Studios is a serene, stunning, and bright studio space located in Atlanta in the Buckhead neighborhood. The 1000 square foot, all-white, naturally-lit photography studio was beautifully and intentionally designed, “everything, from the direction the studio windows face, to the clean white hardwood floors, to the ideal hue on the walls, was intentionally planned by an experienced photographer who used her creativity and love of design to bring this space to life.”

Alice and her husband, Kyu, designed the space with the goal of making it an inviting, collaborative space for artists (not just photographers) to gather and create. The crisp, clean backdrop makes it the ideal space for customizing your shoot to look exactly as you want. The studio is well thought-out, and includes a client lounge area with a vanity, a small kitchenette, dining area for 4 people, and a children’s play area. Check out this studio tour to get a glimpse of how gorgeous and transformable this photography studio is.

Garcia Studio

Address: 933 Fielder Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30313

Phone: 404.892.2334


If you’re in the food and beverage business, Garcia Studio, a photography studio in Atlanta may be your place. Carlos Garcia has been in the photography industry for over 30 years. In 1990 he bought a 3000 square foot building, installed a fully-equipped kitchen, and thus, Garcia Studio was born.

His clients include Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, Cinnabon, Godiva, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Coca Cola and more. Check out samples of his work here.


Think of Peerspace as the Airbnb for photo studio rentals, where thousands of hosts share their personal spaces for use on photo shoots, or as places to hold meetings and creative gatherings.  In Atlanta, there are ample amazing spaces that are listed for use as photography studios. Peerspace offers a great, budget friendly option when you are not looking to shoot in the typical photo studio. This open, bright, and naturally-lit indoor/outdoor space is a great option, and this boho home is a gorgeous, chic and budget friendly option. There are fully-equipped kitchens available for rent, and a storefront loft, ideal for lifestyle shoots. You can see the full list of available options in Atlanta here.

Own Boudoir

Address: 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: 256.474.5804


Own Boudoir is conscientious of giving their full attention to each client which is why the Atlanta photography studio books only one client per day. For this reason, they ask that you book 2-3 months in advance.

The Premium Boudoir Session includes a personal photography session with acclaimed photographer Sarah, either in-studio or on location. Full professional hair and makeup were done by one of Own’s artists, an “in-person image reveal” where the studio shares their favorite images from the shoot. A client manager who helps you with wardrobe selections and all shoot preparation. There will also be time for 5 outfits so you can be sure you look your best. Also, you have your choice of food and beverages (champagne, please.) Above all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy food while shooting?

The sessions are empowering and tastefully done; Own sees boudoir shoots as a chance for clients to celebrate their unique beauty and feel confident in their skin. If you are a model interested in adding boudoir images to your portfolio, or just a person looking for a boudoir photo shoot, then Own is a great starting point.  

Client Reviews

One happy client wrote the following review:

I fell in love with Sarah’s work the first moment I discovered her website. Her portfolio is uncommonly diverse, and I was beyond excited to see a photographer with such an inclusive approach!

A photographer myself, I was looking for an Atlanta-area boudoir photographer to refer my own clients to, since I don’t offer this style of photography. Sarah’s work is so incredible, I wound up booking her for my own session!

I left my session with photographs I honestly love – and I don’t like many pictures of myself! If you’ve ever considered this style of photography for yourself, you won’t find anyone better than Sarah and OWN. Atlanta is lucky to have her!

You can learn more about what to expect in the experience and in rates here.

Bright Screen Studio

Address: 554 North Avenue, Suite E, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 404.862.2766


Bright Screen Studio, a photography studio in Atlanta offers rental space for photographers, filmmakers, and music video producers. The goal of Bright Screen Studio is to make your shooting experience as easy and organized as possible. That is why they have all of the latest photography equipment available for rent including cameras, lenses, grip, lighting, and electrical.

The 4,200 square foot facility offers cyc walls with an above lighting grid, a green more, hair, makeup, and wardrobe rooms, bathrooms with showers, easy vehicle access, all conveniently located near the airport in West Midtown Atlanta. There is a stage manager available to handle all your needs so you can focus fully on the shoot. Lastly, the studio is designed to be easily transformed from an interior design shoot, to a fashion or beauty shoot.

Their inviting and well-run studio has been featured in Georgia Entertainment News, The Atlanta Business Journal, and Invest Atlanta. You can read more about Bright Screen Studio’s rates and policies here.

Form Factory Studio

Address: 554 W. Main St., Bldg B Suite 500 Buford Ga 30518

The light and airy photography studio offers a 24×12 foot cyc wall, exposed painted brick, a client lounge, and an on-site restaurant. With a wide array of rentals available including lighting, camera support, grip, cameras, lenses, power, and monitors. Form Factory studio makes sure you have everything you need to produce dynamic images. A full day studio rental costs $799, and half day (5 hour) rentals are also available. Lastly, we have provided a helpful review below.

One reviewer wrote took to Yelp to write: We love shooting here. Super clean, easy to book, tons of parking. This place feels safe and has parking for dozens of crew and talent cars.  The inside offers a lot of variety for shooting options and they have a bunch of gear to rent.

You can book directly online here.

If you have experience working with any of these studios, please let us know in the comments!