Picture Perfect Photography Locations In Every US State (A-W)

Photo by Michael Heuser

With the price of flights decreasing and the access to global cities become easier and easier, it’s no wonder that people living in the United States are taking their paid time off days and jet setting across oceans and seas. Particularly for those individuals who love to practice and shoot photography (whether as a profession or hobby), as they find themselves wonder-lusting through foreign lands aiming to get the perfect image. While there are beautiful and picture perfect photography options all over the world, you’d be surprised at just how many stunning places can be visited within our very own borders. Located within the United States, are thousands of unique and jaw-dropping spots that make any photographer’s heart skip a beat and a half. By having knowledge of the best spots from the east to west coast in addition to a little out of thinking and hints of creativity, there are many different styles and types of photography that can be captured in our very own backyard.

Below we’ve listed fifty of the most picture perfect photography spots located in each of the fifty states. Read on to see if you’ve visited any of the spots on our list, and which of these locations should be added to your photography bucket list.



Bryant-Denny Stadium: Located in Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama’s football stadium is home to the famous college football team, the Crimson Tide – which have been notably known as the best college football program in the country. Putting football aside, why is this stadium a great spot for photographers and for capturing great images? By being the seventh largest stadium in the country (and continuously packed with crimson waves), both landscape and sports photographers will marvel at the incredibly contrast of greenery and the fans.


Portage Pass: Just outside of Anchorage, is a breathtakingly beautiful and incredible glacier surrounded by tundra and frozen ponds. An important note to consider, if visiting in the summer, you’re body temperature will thank you for sparing it from extremely cold temperature. But with the warmer months come melting of the ponds and a receding glacier. If you decide to visit in the cooler months and purchase a heavy (lined extremely thick) winter coat, you’ll experience Portage Pass with a lush, and frozen environment. To get to the glacier, after a one mile hike through the beautiful terrain, you will come across a picture-perfect photography spot that consist of five miles of pure ice. In additional to the lake side view, there is also another vantage point a two and a half mile drive through the Anton-Anderson Tunnel, where the glacier is visible from a more aerial observation point.


Antelope Canyon: Taking over traveler’s Instagram feeds for the last several years, Antelope Canyon has been rapidly added to everyone’s must-experience bucket list. On Navajo land in Page, Arizona are two seperate canyons, which are both known as Antelope Canyon. These canyons have excellent sun exposure coming in from cracks in the wall and ceiling, creating dynamic strobe lights making Antelope Canyon a dream shoot location for photographers. Additionally, the canyon’s ribbed textures create depth and contrast which heavily show in the images. The combination of these two characteristics allow for a variety of different shooting perspectives and make for incredible portfolio pieces.

*The rise of not only social media, but travel photography in general has caused a growing rate of individuals to seek out previously under visited sites simply because of the beauty behind the pictures. These images help provide inspiration for those looking for a new place to visit. Along with Antelope Canyon in Arizona, another place that has experienced an increasing rate of visitors because of pictures on social media is Rainbow Mountain, which is outside of Cusco in Peru.


Blanchard Springs Caverns: Ozark-St Francis National Forest is home to a beautiful open cavern that was created over a thousand years ago. Photographers love the stalactites and stalagmites as they create dynamic view points when shooting against the cavern walls. One caveat to pay attention to while shooting, is the lighting as controlling the aperture inside the cavern will determine the visibility and clarity of the image.  


Redwood Trees: Officially known as the Sequoia or Coastal Redwood Trees, are Californians true giants. Only visible in the state of California (primarily known to be found: Sequoia in Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and Coastal near Big Sur on the northern coast) can grow as tall as 360 feet high. An ideal opportunity to shoot for nature photographers, these trees (given their size) can create beautiful depth of field work.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Ten miles west of Denver in Morrison, is a rock structure turned concert venue and open-air amphitheater known as Red Rocks. A perfect venue for Concert and Nature photographers, this location offers the chance to view some of your favorite artist, while also overlooking over 850 acres of surrounding Red Rocks Park.



Main Street Mystic: A stereotypical New England style city, Mystic is home to a myriad of colorful storefronts, ocean views, and impeccable sailboats. While capturing the intimate nuances of the city’s colorful demeanor on the main street, photographers should not miss out on the city’s seaport which is where to the nation’s largest maritime museum is located.


Cape Henlopen: Considered one of the nation’s first pieces of public land, Cape Henlopen State Park is a picture perfect photography spot for those who love shooting all things nature. The clear and sandy beaches act as a three sided coastline to beautiful waves engulfed the beach on all sides of the peninsula. The national park is also known to house a very large collection of bird species, and the perfect spot for those animal photographers that enjoy shooting various types of bird species. As you can see, at Cape Henlopen, there’s something for every style of photographer here.


Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World: Notably known as the happiest place on earth, Cinderella’s Castle located in Orlando is not only the trademark of Disney’s corporation, but was created and inspired by a central European castle known as Neuschwanstein Castle located in Bavaria Germany. This location is a great for photographers as it counts as a true trademark piece in a portfolio, as well as give complexity as there are many different angles as well as approaches to shoot the castle and create Disney magic behind the lens.


Wormsloe Historic Site: For any photographer who has dreamed of shooting on a leaf filled long driveway covered in over-arching trees, this site in Savannah is your spot. Notably known as the on-site location for many movie films (like Miley Cyrus’ The Last Song), Wormsloe is the picture perfect photography spot to capture a beautiful lifestyle shoot – in particular for engagement shoots or newlyweds given it’s romantic setting.



Kilauea Volcano: On the Big Island in Kona, there is an active volcano known as Kilauea. Recently going through an eruption, this volcanic site offers various shooting opportunities of not only recently lava flow, but build up of previous eruptions, seen through the expansive lava fields. By working with long exposure, capturing a shot of the active volcano would not only be an incredible portfolio piece, but a once and a lifetime experience to encounter. Additionally, don’t miss out on hanging out on the mountain after the sun goes down, the view of the stars are mesmerizing and can (again) be captured using long form exposure.



Shoshone Falls: Considered to some as the west coast Niagara Falls, these waterfalls are 212 feet high and located in Twin Falls City (wonder where they got the city’s name). The scenic overlooks give a beautiful and aerial view of the falls, allowing the scenery to be captured perfectly on film. As the super defined detailing on all of the rocks in Shoshone Falls are prominent, absorbing the sharpness on camera (or in the post with editing) would make for incredible images.



The Cloud Gate: Otherwise known as the Bean to many tourist and locals alike in the city of Chicago, the Cloud Gate at Millennium Park is a beautiful art sculpture than provides the perfect example of capturing content on film through mirroring and reflection. Best of all, when shooting photography on The Cloud Gate’s reflection, the photographer (as the artist) can gather the city of Chicago in the background as the secondary or tertiary point of focus as either you’ve brought in a subject and produced a lifestyle image. Followed by the structure of the bean itself, then followed by the reflective matter in the background.


The Sample Gates at IU: While keeping on the subject of gates on our list,  Indiana University in Bloomington has received many notable mentions commenting on the beauty of the college’s campus, including a note from Conde Nast as well as Princeton Review and Buzzfeed. When looking for a true representation of all four seasons, IU and in particular the Sample Gates will be the picture perfect photography location to create a serene and mesmerizing picture as it captures a view of the limestone campus throughout the background.



Grotto of the Redemption: The largest man-made grotto in the world, with over 100,000 religious and non-religious visitors coming to this famous attraction every year, there’s no wonder that many of the visitors are photographers looking to capture the intricacies and detailing of all the nine grottos. As they’re made from only natural minerals and rocks (such as quartz and topaz) it’s clear that .



Maxwell Wildlife Refuge: Who knew we could go on our very own safari, right here in the United States? For many who travel to locations in Africa (like Kenya and Botswana) and Asia (like Thailand and Sri Lanka) for animal photography, try looking in your very back yard – a place like Kansas. The Maxwell Wildlife Refuge has a variety of Bison and elk located on the property. The animals can be observed through several different observation towers scattered throughout the park, as well as tram rides that move throughout the terrain – but be careful! The trams are known to be delayed due to herds of bison and elk not moving out of the pathways.



The Bourbon Trail: In various parts all around Kentucky are many distilleries producing American bourbon. Not only enjoyable to sip, but bourbon and the associating distilleries also make for picture perfect photography spots for every style photographer. From still life to landscape, there are many subjects to shoot (like: rackhouses, fields of grain, and distilling machinery) along the bourbon trail – many of which give off an industrial and rustic environment. Some distilleries to check out for amazing content include: Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, and Bulleit Bourbon.


Bourbon Street: A must for those looking to capture quality photography, except not on Fat Tuesday – unless you’re trying to sell your images to a different kind of publication. Bourbon Street in Louisiana is filled with a countless number of different cultures and traditions, as well as an expansive mix and hodge-podge of varying styled buildings. For those who like urban photography, architectural photography, and maybe a little jazz music, you’ll love capturing the picture perfect photography locations located all throughout Bourbon Street and in New Orleans in general.


Quoddy Head State Park: How would it feel to be the first photographer to capture the sunrise of the day before anyone else in the country had a chance to? As the most eastern point of the United States, Quoddy Head State Park can allow you to do just that. Plus, the 540 plus acres of incredibly scenic coastline, will have you filling up your sim card and countless hours of time with priceless numbers of stunning imagery and incredible memories.


Maryland Crab Boils: While our list has a beverage mention, we have completely left off food photography – and that was because our list was waiting for the perfect location – as we wanted to focus all your food photography loving energy on Maryland’s famous crab boils. Happening throughout the state of Maryland, mainly in coastal areas, crab boils are taking place in every backyard and they consist of blue crab, occasionally crawfish (and various other types of seafood), with corn on the cob and boiled potatoes. While it sounds delicious, what makes these Maryland boils so special to photograph? The amazement of the boils (from both an observing foodie and photographer) all comes from the presentation. Lined on elongated picnic tables, are newspaper- made tablecloths waiting to be poured over with a huge pot of flavorful goodies. Food photographers will love capturing the moment the crabs hit the table and slide down the newspaper until they reach the very last guest at the table.


Freedom Trail: History lovers, and those who love photographing history, rejoice. Added to our list is Boston’s very iconic freedom trail. While not simple a one stop location, the freedom trail moves throughout the city telling the true story of Boston’s past and the history behind the creation of our country. Historic photographers can take in the site of sixteen different sites including: Boston Common (America’s oldest park), Massachusetts State House (which has a long-standing history of changes, from the revolutionary war to World War Two), the Old Corner Bookstore (which is the longest standing commercial building in Boston), Paul Revere’s House (the home of the iconic messenger who was crucial in our fight in the Revolutionary War), and the site of the Boston Massacre (which is said to be the exact spot where the first official fight, or war, broke out that contributed to the start of the Revolutionary war). Each one of these picture perfect photography landmarks will surely be worth a thousand words.


The Factory: Detroit continues to delight us with its constant comebacks, and companies (that got their start in the motor city – like Ford) continue to show their impeccable dedication. There’s no surprise that a company like Ford, brought their business back to the city and (dare we say) in a hip way too. While there have been rumors floating around that Ford is going to buy, transform, and refurbish Detroit’s old abandoned train station-  that’s all hearsay. But what is not a potential rumor, is The Factory. Known as Ford’s new office, The Factory brings massive innovation to the workplace, and creations visitors will want to capture on camera. As opposed to our previous and ideal picture perfect photography workspace being a grey cubicle with no windows – Ford’s new workspace provides rolling desks, flexible office spaces, and hands on product and marketing labs.


Forestville Mystery Cave State Park: This state park in Minnesota, contains the known city of Forestville. And trust us, photographers are going to want to bring external lights for this adventure as you trek through a mysterious cave (which also happens to double as the states longest cave). In addition to the standard stalagmites that come with any historic cave, the Forestville Mystery Cave, also has underground pools as well.  Animal photographers would love the chance to rummage through the cave as rare species of wildlife like glacial snails and timber rattlesnakes are living in the caves. Before bringing any camera equipment into the park, make sure to call ahead and see what your options are in terms of photographing certain locations are. While some guides may be more lenient than others, it’s always in everyone’s best interest to plan ahead of time before packing up equipment.


Windsor Ruins: The closest replica you’ll get to ancient greek architecture in the deep south of the United States, the Windsor Ruins are located far off the main roads and parked twenty minutes southwest of Port Gibson. The structure consists of twenty-three Corinthian columns which are still standing to this day. While not dating back to the time of Zeus, these structures were part of a mansion that was running from 1861 to 1890 before it was destroyed in a fire. Along with being freestanding and functional in the 1800s, this mansion also served as a signal station for the Confederates during the Civil War. For photographers who also double as history buffs, and want to capture the picture perfect photography spot encapsulating beauty, architecture, and history, Windsor Ruins is the right place for you and your camera.


The Ozarks: While also being an excellent show on Netflix, happens to be one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in the state of Missouri. Nature photographers will marvel as the mist the hangs over the top of the plateau on early mornings as it contrast with the beautiful mountainside. These make for beautiful sunrise shots, as the lighting coming in colors the frame perfectly. What many don’t know, that because of Missouri (and the Ozark’s) location to the Mississippi River, this is where the expansion to the west started. The Ozarks were once a location where the persistence and initial belief in the American dream came into play – something that touches home for many photographers and artists, as they take chances everyday to be in a career field they love in the hopes they become successful


Grand Prismatic Spring: To talk about Montana and not bring up Yellowstone National Park would be a crime, especially for those who enjoy capturing scenic landscapes on camera. While there are many park attractions to point out in Yellowstone like Old Faithful and the Yellowstone Caldera, when it comes to having a picture perfect photography iconic spot – it has to be the Grand Prismatic Spring. Naturally producing rings on vibrant and mesmerizing colors like: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, it’s amazing how barely (if not any post editing is needing to showcase the variation and variety of color. This spring, initially discovered by fur trappers, gets its iconic colors from microbial mats surrounding the edges of the water.


Carhenge: While the United Kingdom has Stonehenge, the United States (most notably Nebraska) have Carhenge. Not as historic or touristy, Carhenge is known to be a must visit the site from all artist alike (including photographers) with over 60,000 visitors a year. Capture picture-perfect photography as you shoot in a panorama or landscape setting, ninety-six feet in diameter of thirty-nine ford vehicles replicating the henge structure. The designer, artist, and sculptor, Jim Reinder studied in England and brought the inspiration back with him to the states and developed his structure in Alliance, Nebraska. If looking to plan a visit to the art installation, admissions is free and there are often events taking place on the campus.


The Neon Museum: When talking about Las Vegas it’s common for our minds to go straight to The Strip, so why not have it on our list? What makes The Strip so special, is all the lights and bizzaz made from the countless amount of neon signs. But what happens when casinos turnover and their featured neon signs are no longer needed? They head over to the neon graveyard – also known as the neon museum. Iconic Vegas staple pieces and signs are featured at the museum and can be dated back to the 1930s. For picture perfect photography lessons, try joining a night tour with the eleven lit and restored neon signs. By adjusting your camera to extended and high aperture settings, you’re bound to get a wonderful piece for your portfolio.

New Hampshire

Augustus Saint-Gauden’s Gardens: Located in Cornish, New Hampshire is the August Saint- Gaudens Gardens that were once the residence of the great and belated artist and sculptor. Along with exploring the beautiful scenery of the expansive land with rolling hills, viewers also get to explore over a hundred pieces of August Saint-Gauden’s work and beautiful sculptures. In the park’s Blow Me Down Farms, there’s beautiful architecture from a quaint cottage to an iconic standing barn. By walking past the buildings you can see out towards the orchards and crystal blue waters from the lake on the property. Perfect for those looking to capture both a nature and architectural shots for their portfolios.  

New Jersey


The Great Falls: The city of Paterson, New Jersey is home to the Great Falls in the national historical park. The falls are a picture perfect photography spot for those who want to shoot the natural beauty of the cascading waterfalls and stunning rock formations. For those who are interested in capturing industrial modern composition, the bridge located amongst the falls makes for incredible dynamic contrast between man made and mother earth elements and subjects to shoot. Photographers can take the self guided ‘Mill Mile’ tour throughout the park and see up close and personal, the falls that cycle over two billion gallons of water every single day. While exploring, don’t miss out on the Lambert Castle located near the falls.  

New Mexico

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of hot air balloons fill up the skies in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Usually occurring in the fall season (roughly the beginning of October), this serves as the largest balloon festival in the world making it one of the most photographed events on earth as well (as it’s a place for picture perfect photography with hundreds of balloons in the air). The fiesta last nine full days and draws visitors from all over the world. You’ll want to have your camera out for many of the events put on by the fiesta, including: dawn patrol show, the morning glow, and mass ascension.

New York


Central Park North: In particular, central park north from an aerial view looking out over both the park and downtown. There are many stunning and picture perfect photography spots located all over the big apple otherwise known as New York City, from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty. The reason central park north made it on our list, is because the sheer expansive view that encompasses many different subjects including: central park, One World Trade, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building amongst others. A great rooftop (or viewpoint) to check out for this view is The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

North Carolina

Blue Ridge Highway: Whoever said life is all about the journey and not the destination, must have been driving along the Blue Ridge Highway during the fall months. There’s nothing quite as special, as seeing mountain sides draped with trees covered in various shades of oranges, reds, and yellow. On the Blue Ridge Highway, near cities like Boone and Asheville, it’s important to keep your eyes open for picture perfect photography vantage or viewpoints that come


up during the drive. These view and vantage points, showcase some of the most beautiful spots in all of North Carolina. Some notable mile marker exits to look out for, that will guarantee incredible views of the natural landscape include: Milepost 305 Grandfather Mountain, and Milepost 320.8 Chestoa View.

North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: It is only fitting that the twenty-sixth president, Theodore Roosevelt who fought to preserve the earth and create the national park system in our country, got an incredible piece of land named after him. In western North Dakota, covering over seventy thousand acres of land, is full of: bison, elk, mule and white-tailed deer, longhorns, and bobcats amongst many others. The animals in combination with the beautiful rolling hills and drop cliffs of the park’s scenery make the Theodore Roosevelt National Park one of the most picture perfect photography locations in the state.  



Corkscrew Falls: Considered to be a natural Ohio wonder, Corkscrew Falls in Hocking Hills is made up of Blackhand sandstone. This particular geology makes for thick formations, high sea cliffs, with narrow and deep falls and gorges. These characteristics make for picture perfect photography due to the texturized and circular formation of the falls. As the water mist against the rocks illuminates the green algae and moss against the rocks, viewers will get a breathtakingly beautiful view through their lenses. Photographers won’t even have to alter the sharpening of their images in post given the extreme amount of pronounced detail throughout the entirety of the falls.



Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge: Whether it’s the clear blue lakes, the massive field of flowers draping over the hillsides, or the countless number of bison roaming the grounds, the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is an excellent location for photographers who have a wide variety of interest when it comes to shooting. A picture perfect photography spot for those who love wildlife, still life, landscape, and nature photography. The mountains in the area and comprised of many smaller rock formations and boulders that come together to create a wholistic landscape. With the addition of the lakes and smaller waterfalls embedded into the scenery, your portfolio is bound to get a couple of phenomenal new additions.  


Cannon Beach: Voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s hundred most beautiful places, as well as the eight most adorable beach towns in the U.S. by ABC News, Cannon Beach is certainly not a spot to be missed by tourist and photographers alike. The contrast of the beautiful blue ocean with the beige sand and cliffs give this beach the mystic and serene vibe that has been taking over many traveling Instagram feeds. For those who also enjoy shooting wildlife, in particular, birds, will also love the wide variety of options and sightings for animals to view through their camera lenses.  


Independence Hall: It’s no surprise, that the spot where our country got its initial start from our founding fathers is on our list for the most picture perfect photography locations in the United States. Located in Philadelphia, many individuals sign up to go tour through the iconic halls – but photographers truly marvel at the architectural beauty of the outside and perimeters of the building. With the building’s old node to Georgian architecture there are many lines to accentuate or shoot from when capturing on camera. Another fun element, after shooting Independence Hall, head over to the Liberty Bell for some still life photography. *Double check that your style of camera is allowed inside any of these historic places before going.

Rhode Island

Roger Williams Park: Noted as the people’s park of Providence, Rhode Island. While containing a zoo, planetarium, even a food truck emporium, the main focus for photographer’s to focus and to capture picture perfect photography moments, is the park’s botanical gardens.  Encompassing around 12,000 square feet of interior gardens, including over a hundred and fifty different species of plants. Due to the high volume in plant life diversity, this park is the ultimate destination for those photographers who enjoy capturing still life and flora. Even though the botanical gardens are located in doors, the walls are floor to ceiling windows as well as exposed ceilings. Given the gardens are surrounded by windows, the natural lighting will create beautiful imagery.   

South Carolina


Rainbow Row: As one of the most charming and quaint cities in the United States, Charleston is home to many picture perfect photography location spots – one of them being Rainbow Row (located down by the Battery). On the southernmost point of the Charleston peninsula, is a neighborhood referred to as the Battery, which is filled with large and unique style homes (where many of the show, Southern Charm takes place), beautiful parks with local trees, and Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row, A combination of several row homes together all made up of different colored walls, and is noted as a must see for visiting tourist – especially those looking to capture a great photo.  Helpful hint/side note: to really make your photo stand out and have a unique element of Charleston in it, wait a couple of minutes for one of the iconic Charleston horse and buggy rides to pass by before shooting.

South Dakota


Mount Rushmore: In Keystone, South Dakota is one of the iconic American landmarks hidden (rather sketched) into the Black Hills Mountains. Comprised of the sculptures of America’s founding fathers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, along with Theodore Roosevelt who helped implement the National Park system, and Abraham Lincoln who helped abolish slavery in our country. Photographers love this picturesque moment, because it can demonstrate their true ability with landscape style photography. Believe it or not, the monument is rather small and a distance away from the observation deck. To get a classic image and create picture perfect photography, one must use their creative mindset to determine which settings will end in the perfect image.


Lookout Mountain: Being in two places at once seems overrated, how about looking at seven states at once? At the Lookout Mountain viewpoint in Chattanooga, Tennessee, photographers can capture the most beautiful image of the seven states which include: Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, Lookout Mountain gives visitors a chance to look out over the Chattanooga Valley, as well as provide guest access to America’s deepest cave and largest underground waterfall. Many majestic natural wonders, all to be seen on (and around) Lookout Mountain. Plus! Once you’ve finished up, head over to the Chattanooga choo-choo and experiment with interesting shots on an old train and railway station.


The Alamo: In a city filled with cobblestone streets, and winding charming rivers, there is one historic landmark that sets itself apart from the city’s modern charm. In San Antonio, Texas stands The Alamo (otherwise known as the Mission San Antonio), which is now recognized as a World Heritage Site. The building was home to the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 and to this day still stands as a museum to the public. For those who are interested in capturing both architectural and historical photography, the Alamo is the perfect spot to marry the two. As the structure was initially a church, there are elements of architectural style brought on in the 18th century that was used by Franciscan missionaries. Their main objective in creating this structures was to merge both standard catholic symbolism with style from the local Coahuiltecans.


Arches National Park: A view that can be seen on Disney Epcot’s Soarin, the Arches National Park is truly a one of a kind landscape that many people (from all over the world) visit Utah to see. The contrast of the warm toned sand and stone, along with the beautiful formations, and the ridged texture of the rocks, make this park truly one of a kind. A true picture perfect photography location for every individual who enjoys shooting both nature and landscape images. The park has over two thousand stone arches and is comprised of engulfing arches (hence the name) that can fit hundreds of people underneath them. If visiting, it’s recommended to see the park at sunrise or sunset. The dichotomy colors from both the sky and the rocks join together in harmony and reflect breathtaking beauty.


Lake Willoughby: When many people think of Vermont, their minds immediately either go to skiing or Bernie Sanders. But making our list is none of the two, located in the small town of Westmore (in the northeast) is Lake Willoughby. Named one of the best lakes in New England by Yankee Magazine, this lake has public beaches, as well as quaint mill creeks to explore with your camera. Many of the lake’s cottages are also picture perfect photography spots as their classic charm impress all who get the chance to visit them (as they don’t make too many cottages like these anymore).


Appalachian Trail Access: Virginia is for lovers, people who love hiking. Roughly five hundred and forty-four miles of the Appalachian Trail is located in the state of Virginia. As lugging around a quality (and dare we say expensive camera) for months while exploring the Virginia countryside, why not venture into the trail access a snap photos for the day of the most stunning and mesmerizing scenery. A few places the trail leads into include: Shenandoah National Park and George Washington & Jefferson National Forest. Many in fact, start their hike from the Virginia/West Virginia northern end. This may be the perfect location to shoot some lifestyle imagery of those looking to embark on their life-changing and exciting adventure.



Pike Place Market: Our only market on our list, Pike Place market takes the well-deserved spot. Located in Seattle Washington (and yes we decided not to pick the first Starbucks location), is a public market filled to the brim with many specialty items. Believed to be the heart of downtown, what makes the area (and market) so unique, are the people who make it what it is: craftsman, farmers, and residents all coming together. As soon as you walk in, flowers of all kinds flood the doors and fill the air with wonderful smells of roses and daisies. Followed by not so friendly smelling fish from all over the world. Then there’s sections of specialty meat, cheese, crafts, and collectibles. Every photographer, before leaving the market, must take a picture of Rachel the Piggy Bank.

West Virginia

Blackwater Falls: One of the many local’s favorite state parks in West Virginia, Blackwater Falls is tucked away in the Allegheny Mountains. Known as one of the most photographed locations within the state of West Virginia, it’s no doubt the reason being behind this statistic has to do with the sixty-two foot long cascading waterfall where the Blackwater river pours into the Canaan Valley. For a change in imagery, try visiting the fall in winter, and capturing on camera the water of the Blackwater Falls completely iced over.


Apostle Islands National Lakeshore: Created of twenty-one islands, this United States National Lakeshore consists of almost 70,000 acres of shoreline and is located on the northernmost tip of Wisconsin bordering Lake Superior. On the property are many elements and variety of subjects for photographers to fall in love with and capture. Some of the regular’s favorites include: the many historic lighthouses, the overgrown (or old-growth) forest, wide species and diversity of animal life, sandstone sea caves. And if all of these points don’t impress you enough, just know the historic site was photographed and engraved onto American currency, the quarter, during the America The Beautiful editions.


Grand Teton National Park: With so many spots worthy of picture-perfect photography, it’s no wonder that many artist and photographers head over to Grand Teton National Park to update their portfolios with work from the incredible landscape. The park consist of over two hundred miles of trails, along with views of the Snake River, and aerial views of the Teton mountain range. Just look out for bears during your visit, as the park is known to be bear country. So what does that mean? When shooting bears as part of your wildlife photography keepsakes, make sure you’re zooming in from afar and not close up in portrait mode

What are your picture perfect photography locations you like to shoot at in the United States? Share with us in the comments below!