5 YouTube Creators Who Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Photography

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz

It’s safe to say that learning photography has never been easier. With the plethora of online resources available from videos to step by step guides to tutorials, aspiring and professional photographers can perfect and hone their skill set from the comfort of their own home.

When learning any new skill, soliciting the advice and expertise of knowledgeable individuals will help you to grow within your own capabilities. In the world of visual learning, eager creatives are swapping out their books and manuals for real-life, engaging video experiences. Here are five need-to-know Youtube creators dominating the photography and videography landscape.

Mango Street Lab

The power couple behind Mango Street, Rachel and Daniel have taken the Youtube world by storm over the last several years with their entertaining and captivating content. The photography duo creates weekly videos dedicated to teaching its audience the art of photography and videography. Rather than weighing you down with technical, boring terms – they create videos that can be only described as engaging and stimulating for budding creatives.

From covering topics such as prop styling, portrait tips, how to land clients, which gear to use and many more – their channel is overflowing with rich content perfect for any level of photographer. In addition to their guides and tutorials, they share behind the scenes footage of their photo shoots and even create short cinematic films. A couple of all trades, they shoot digital, film, video and drone footage – which asks the question, is there anything they can’t do?

If you’re looking to start your photography journey or even continue to immerse yourself into this expanding medium, you need to start watching their content. You can find their channel here.   

Jessica Kobeissi

As a portrait and fashion photographer, Jessica Kobeissi is popularly known on Youtube for her innovative and creative spin on traditional photography methods. Some of her series include 4 photographers photograph the same model, photographers edit the same photo and even photoshoot challenges in “ugly” locations. The main theme and message of her videos are to encourage photographers to be different and push outside their comfort zone to create their ideal work.

Additionally, she acts as an educational resource for those looking to better understand the business side of photography. Covering topics from how to test shoot with agency models, how to land better clients and how to make money as a photographer – Kobeissi gives her audience tangible and informative content that they can directly apply to their own career.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out her channel, you can find her videos on Youtube here.

Negative Feedback

For the seasoned shooters, enthusiasts and newbies to the format of film – Negative Feedback is one of the leading creators of analog photography content. Giving a comprehensive look into the elements of film photography, the channel provides content on everything you need to know to start shooting this medium.

Their videos are primarily constructed in a storytelling method that allows its audience to follow along on a shoot, through the process of testing out a new camera and even includes interviews with professional film photographers. Their channel includes film color comparisons, shooting 35mm, medium format and large format film, planning a fashion editorial and capturing film photographs in interesting locations.

If you’re a film photographer or attempting to learn more about the process, Negative Feedback’s channel is worth a visit for all things analog. You can view their content here.

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a widely recognized and popular creator who has built a dedicated Youtube audience of over 2 million individuals. As a photographer and videographer, his channel is dedicated to creating tutorials, films, and vlogs to showcase his work and journey as a creative.

His personality is truly what drives his content, making his adventure and adrenaline filled lifestyle a captivating aspect for his audience. Primarily shooting travel and landscape content, he consistently covers topics on gear, post-production software and his own personal editing tips and tricks. By infusing his personal life and experiences with his knowledge and insight into the photography and cinematography industry, has made him somewhat of an Internet sensation. The content he creates is of high-quality production, provides true value and is motivational to his audience of fellow artists.  

To learn more about Peter’s photography style, his videography capabilities and musings of his daily life – you can visit his channel here.

William Verbeeck


The final creator that has begun to make a name for himself within the Youtube landscape is William Verbeeck. As an NYC film photographer and filmmaker, Verbeeck creates weekly videos covering different types of film cameras, varying film color stocks, the process of scanning your own film and how to create stunning portraits.

His videos are structured in a format that mixes the concept of a vlog with a hands-on demonstration. For example, he shows his audience how to shoot on various cameras such as the Mamiya 645, Pentax 67 and Mamiya RZ67. He also gives added value to his photographic process by offering a comprehensive look at several film stocks such as using color slide film, expired film, Polaroid film, and black and white film. The key element to each video is the sample photographs he includes to show the final result of his process.

Verbeeck also makes short films in the areas of fashion and travel using digital and Super 8 formats. His content includes short movies in Tokyo, London, and New York City. If you’re looking for the next film photography Youtuber to watch, you need to check out William’s content here.


YouTube has easily become one of the most comprehensive learning platforms behind the process, art and creation of photography and videography. Whether you shoot digital images, film photography or create cinematic videos – the video tutorials and vlogs developed by these creators can be an engaging and stimulating tool to build and strengthen your craft.

Do you use Youtube to learn and strengthen your knowledge of photography or videography? Have a favorite creator that we didn’t include in our list? Share with us your recommendations in our comments below.  Want to learn about having a Photography Agent? Check out our previous article here.