7 Top Hand Models Who Are Crushing It In The Fashion Industry Today

Hand modeling is a special niche within the modeling industry that involves a different sort of (ahem) hands-on career.

Hand Models
Hand Models

As comically mentioned in the movie Zoolander, hand models are an entirely different breed of models. Hand models represent a different talent in the modeling world, as these models use their beautifully sculpted fingers and hands to show off a certain product. What makes hand modeling so interesting is that these models are selected based off the beauty and/or shape of one part of their body. With something as simple as “hands,” this modeling sector has boomed to include print, editorial, commercial, and film work across the globe.

Without even realizing it, we as consumers see these hands everyday. They are the hands in your favorite commercial, the hands in the magazine you are reading, they are even the hands on the cover of your book (think Twilight by Stephenie Meyer). Hand models have become a hot commodity as countless products are in need of blemish free, soft looking hands. Today, there are a few hand models that stand out from the rest. Read on to learn more about the top hand models that are crushing it in the fashion industry today.

Here are the top hand models…

Kimbra Hickey

Hickey is most known for her infamous hands in the Twilight book cover. These elegant hands can be found on the first book of theTwilight saga and have been seen by millions of viewers. Hickey is also represented by Parts Models.

Ashly Covington

Covington started her career in 2002 and has truly taken the hand modeling industry by storm. She specializes in commercial and print advertising and has become one of the most sought after hand models in the field. In fact, Covington is a Legacy hand model. Her grandma was featured in typewriters ads in the 1930’s.

Ellen Sirot

As a top hand model and founder of SIROT Skincare, Sirot has made a name for herself. As a hand model and a skincare enthusiast, Sirot has worked to advocate for a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine.

Adele Uddo

Uddo is a Parts Model and has doubled for celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon. As an accomplished hand model, Uddo has also created a line of skincare called Essential By Adele.

Ryan Serhant

Before he was the star of Million Dollar Listings on Bravo, Serhant was a hand model. He was discovered as a hand model when one of his headshots had his hand in the photo. While today Serhant is wildly successful as a TV star, he was once paying the bills as a hand model.


James Furino

Throughout his career as a model, Furino has played the hands of famous leading men like Matthew Perry on Friends and Daniel Craig for a James Bond promotion. He has also done commercial pieces for clients such as Smirnoff Vodka. Furino is one of the most successful male hand models today.


Mia Crowe

Crowe is a highly regarded hand model who has worked for Skyy Vodka and has been the hands for celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Aniston. As a hand model, Crowe has also had the opportunity to act alongside famous actresses and actors as well as other top models in the fashion community.