The Beauty Of Conceptual Photography

How often do you use your imagination, especially when you’re taking or editing photos? 

Have you ever heard of conceptual photography? It’s a fine art. Abstract.

Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea.

Sure, all photos have stories behind them and illustrate some concept, but conceptual is something so much deeper.

This type of art can allow you to twist the world we live in and let your imagination run free.

Whether if it’s landscape or portraiture, things in the photo can be wild and dramatic or just pieced together in a simple, yet super abstract way. The photo goes through a lot of planning before it’s executed. The idea of what it will be is what makes it an art.

What’s so great about it? Why is it considered to be so beautiful? 

If you’re a conceptual photographer, you’re using your imagination at a level that no one else is. It’s creativity to the extreme (in the best way). If you’re viewing someone else’s conceptual photography, you’re using your own imagination to see how the photographer used their imagination.

Here are a few examples:

Yes, you have to be creative to be a photographer, but if you can let yourself go deep inside your imagination and bring it out into your art, that’s a whole different kind of creative.

Who are your favorite conceptual photographers?

Have you ever tried conceptual photography?