What Are Digitals and Why Do You Need Them?

Digitals, also known as polaroids, are a must for any model who is looking to take their career from Instagram to a professional career. Digitals give you a leg up in submissions and your book. They’re a basic staple that is often overlooked in the age of technology and over photoshop, yet still pretty standard.

What are Digitals: Digitals/polaroids are photographs with no editing, no styled hair and no makeup. There are standard digital shots that all agencies and companies require: full body front, full body side, full body back, headshot hair up, headshot hair down, ¾ front hair up, ¾ front hair down, ¾ side hair up. *Each company and agency has different requirements, but these are only standard.

Why You Need Them: Digitals show clients and agencies what models look like naturally. They are an industry standard and should be retaken every 3-4 months, or whenever you—as a model—go through a drastic change to your look i.e. change in hair color or length. It is important to keep them on file so submitting to agencies or communicating with clients will be easier. Some companies will ask for a headshot that day to see your current look, don’t fret, just take the selfie/shot and you’re good to go!

How to Take Digitals: You’re gorgeous! So flaunt it! Bring that confidence out in your shots so people viewing the digitals can see your personality shine through (I always take a couple of silly pictures just to have).

What to bring:

  • A friend with a phone/camera
  • Black bikini
  • Heels
  • A checklist of what the company/agency is looking for to stay organized and get the exact shot


  • Wear makeup
  • Wear bright/colorful clothes
  • Wear baggy clothes
  • Photoshop/alter your images once they are taken

When you’re taking digitals stay on track but have fun. Keep it simple with poses and facial expressions for the actual digitals, and usually agents will ask for a few personality driven digitals so feel free to take a few fun ones!

How to Submit Digitals to Clients/Agencies: Make sure all of the shots are the same quality and size. Clearly title each shot in the email so the clients can click on the image, and know exactly what shot you sent. Make sure all their requirements are fulfilled before sending the shots, if you don’t feel the angle is right, check online/their submission guidelines for reference photos. When submitting, make sure to include a shot or two showing who you are or convey your personality through a politely worded email.

At the end of the day, digitals are a way to show off your natural beauty and show who you are. It’s important to remember these are all about you. Rock your natural body and personality. Be confident and know who you are and you’ll make stronger connections that will last a lifetime.


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