Terms of Service: Companies

Our community prides itself on quality – quality Companies, quality Creators and quality collaborations when the two combine. Our Terms of Service is designed to protect the longevity of our community.

Cancelation of Membership Within 72 Hours

As Companies can sign up, and pay for our platform without a member of our team vetting their account, we reserve the right to cancel any membership within 72 hours of its creation with or without cause. Any memberships canceled within 72 hours of being established that have not violated any of the terms listed below will receive a full refund within 30 days.

Grounds for Non-Refundable Expulsion

Your account will be immediately canceled with no refund if you use abrasive, malicious language towards a creator or use language which is inflammatory, insulting, discriminatory or sexual in nature towards a creator.

Your account will be will be immediately canceled with no refund if we have reason to believe that you are ‘scraping’ users. We define scraping users as copy and pasting the names, handles, or work of our users at ‘scale’ (that is, more than 100 creators per day or 500 creators per month).

Your account will be immediately canceled with no refund if you are spamming creators. We define spamming users as messaging greater than 100 creators in a day or greater than 250 creators in a month.

Your account will be canceled, after one written warning, with no refund if of you attempt to offer more than ten creators product in exchange for posts without expressed written permission from our administrative team.