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The Best Selfie Cameras You Can Buy Right Now

As a creative, documenting your life through work, travel and the every day moments is important. You see the world as a blank canvas – ready to roam, explore and splash your artistic mark wherever you go. Whether you’re capturing self portraits, embarking on new adventures or just exploring your local city, you want to […]

The 12 Best Camera Bags For Creatives In 2019

An important part of being a photographer is being able to take care of and protect your gear. It is no secret that owning camera equipment is an expensive endeavor. As you invest in equipment — whether it be camera bodies, lenses, tripods, video components, and even your personal laptop — the managing, storing, and […]

The 7 Best Light Meters For Photographers In 2019

Light meters are used to measure the amount of light to determine the proper exposure for a photograph. They will either include a digital or analog electronic circuit so the photographer can determine the shutter speed and f-number for optimum exposure. If you are interested in pursuing photography as a career or even as a […]

The Best Monitors For Photo Editing In 2019

What is the┬ábest monitor for photo editing? Working on the post production of your images requires the highest quality equipment. Editing and retouching calls for a in-depth and meticulous attention to detail, therefore it is important to have software and tools that are built for optimal visual results. Many beginning photographers may edit their images […]


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