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What Went Down

We were able to shoot several different styles of food photography, including recipe shots, studio shots, flat layouts, and lifestyle content of people enjoying the products.

We’ve worked with several brands, such as Rise Brewing Co., Pabst Blue Ribbon, Small Axe Peppers, Bai, RIND Snacks, Great American Turkey Company, and Boylan Soda. As of recently, we’ve worked with Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey, Coronado Brewing Company, Split Nutrition, and Kashi for their GO Campaign and the launch of their new Waffles.

In just a few weeks the Hub deployed over 8 of their content creators to make dozens of incredible recipe and lifestyle shots for us to use across our site, socials, and paid spend. It’s some of the best content we have had and they made it on a collapsed timeline for a collapsed budget.

Kirk Postmantur, Founder @ Great American Turkey Co

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