Your Complete Guide To Social Media Branding


So you want to build a brand on social media, huh? Well, strap in. You’re going to have to invest a lot of time and energy into developing a strategy for this, no matter if it’s personal or for business. Don’t worry – we’re here to guide you on your journey to developing a proper presence online.

There are two main factors in strategizing your presence on social media:

  1. Develop a distinct voice
  2. Use the power of visual content.

Let’s be real, if you’re trying to make your presence known on social media, you need to remember one thing: The Millennial. Millennials are really the only people who are going to notice you. They are your market. You need to know them, understand them, and figure out what makes them tick. Social media is highly over-saturated with content and you need to stand out from the rest of the competition.

How do I get their attention? How do I make the most of each platform I’ve signed up for? What do I have to do to brand myself on social media?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help answer those questions.

Your complete guide to social media branding:

1. Develop a distinct voice.

You need to ask yourself the big questions. What is my identity? What do I care about? How do I want people to get invested in my company? 

Millennials are the main demographic on social media platforms. Figure out what they care about and use that to your advantage. Put in the effort to realize what matters to people and go from there.

Establishing a mission statement is important. It’s the soul of who you are or what your business represents. You want people to stick around, and that will only happen if you’re genuine and transparent. It should be about something that you care about and know that others care about too. Millennials like familiarity and participation. If you can figure out what makes them interested in you, then you got em.

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Once you’ve established your mission statement, you can then develop a real voice. Whoever you are and whatever you stand for — project it out into the world. Through captions, product descriptions, blog or Twitter posts — you have a voice and you gotta put it out there.

2. Use visual content.

How much do you really know about visuals, storytelling, social media, and how it all connects? There’s a lot that goes into visual content: logos, fonts, colors, and pictures. To make it all tie in together, you have to make sure you know your brand’s voice (as we’ve mentioned before).

Logos, fonts, colors 

Creating a logo and choosing a font might be hard. You want them to represent you and your brand, but also grab the attention of consumers.

Take a look at some of your favorite companies and see what they look like and how they make that work with their theme. For example, there’s a very popular makeup and skincare brand called Glossier. Everything about their branding is pink, black, white, and tan: the logo, the theme of their website, the packaging of their products, and the color scheme of their Instagram.

It might be hard to develop a certain color theme to your Instagram. Luckily, there are a few websites that actually show you what your “color” is, like this one below:

Once you figure out your color scheme, it’s all smooth sailing from there. You’ll be able to establish the logo, the font, the colors, and everything in between with your branding.


This might be the most important aspect of your brand and how you market yourself. Why? People want this! Once you grab their attention, you have to keep it, and you can do that via photography.

It’s more than just whipping out your phone camera, snapping a few photos, and putting them on your Instagram. It’s about using photos as a marketing tool, and strategic advertising that has value and intention.

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Professional photographers can showcase your products or services and highlight certain parts of your brand to make you stand out. They are skilled in social media, trends, and the integration of your brand with consumer marketing. It’s about high quality content and eye-catching visuals that can only be done with the magic of a professional photographer.

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