How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Career: Q&A With Photographer Beatriz Valim

Think of the hobbies you have. Do you ever think they could turn into a profession? 

If you’re interested in something, see where you can run with it. Let inspiration find you and step outside of your comfort zone to follow it. It doesn’t hurt to try!

Beatriz Valim did it. Also known as as @beacasso, she is a Brazilian-born, LA-raised portrait and fashion photographer who found a passion for photography after she realized it was more than just a hobby. She stepped outside of her comfort zone and followed the feeling she had about it, and now she’s finding herself creating the work she’s always wanted to create and in the process of doing so, so much more. 

Interview with @BEACASSO

How long have you been taking photos? 

I’ve been taking photos since I was 16 years old with the back of my phone camera, I’m 21 now and just started taking photos with a DSLR camera about 3 years ago.

When did you realize you were passionate about photography?

I realized I was passionate about it when I just couldn’t stop taking photos. I took photos of everything. Photography has always made me so happy. Until this day I still couldn’t find anything that could compare. Starting out I took photos of landscapes, flowers, and anything I could find in my room; to now shooting editorial fashion photography.

What do you use to shoot and edit? (Or is it a secret?) 

I shoot with a Canon Rebel T5i camera and edit my photos using photoshop.

Does social media influence your art or the way you feel about shooting? If so, how? 

I feel like social media does influence my work. I love trying out different shooting/editing styles and I think social media is a great inspiration outlet for me. I follow many creatives online and each of them has inspired me in every way.

What are some of the coolest projects you’ve worked on, as a portrait photographer? Do you have any goals you want to meet this year? 

Every project I’ve worked on has been super cool. My most recent project I shared online with my model Jai’ and my makeup artist Giselle Estrada was so incredibly exciting to work on. Giselle created this beautiful vibrant blue eye makeup look on Jai’ paired with a matching blue tulle dress for the shoot. This particular shoot was exciting for me because I got to step out of my comfort zone by taking full creative direction. By the end of this year my goal is to host a solo photography gallery show.

When it comes to your creative outlets, how do you balance your work life and your personal life? 

I struggle with finding that balance sometimes. I’m working on it, though. I understand that there won’t be enough time for everything I’d like to do, and that’s okay. 

Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of photography? 

Yes! I love designing jewelry whenever I have free time. 

Any advice for your younger self or others who are following in your footsteps as a photographer? 

Speak into existence. Anything you’d like to achieve in your life, speak it out into the world and it will find its way to you. 

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