The Truth Is That You Can Be Extremely Successful Working For Yourself, & Believing You Cannot Is Holding You Back

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

It’s human nature to fear the unknown. In fact, most things in life that we face are uncertain.

We aren’t sure what is going to happen next month, next year or even tomorrow. Yet, the idea that the future exists is enough to cripple and hinder our present moment decisions.

If we each took the leap of faith toward what we truly wanted for our lives, we’d probably be a happier, healthier society.

But, things don’t always work out the way we hoped. And such a realization is enough to stop you from doing what you love.

You already know what you want with your life and career, yet you haven’t been able to take the leap. You know that deep down, you want to pursue a creative life, be your own boss and create meaningful, artistic work.

Here’s the truth:

You already know that you can be extremely successful working for yourself. But, believing that you cannot is what is holding you back.

You Need To Take A Risk

Instead of wondering every day if you’ll make it on your own – you need to take a risk. Be logical, but not to the point that it stops you from taking action and control of your own life.

You can be successful working for yourself because it is what drives you to create. In fact, it probably is what ignites the fire inside of you and the passion that you wake up with each morning.

We are so afraid of the risk, that we miss out on the rewards that life can fully offer us.

We make excuses, use other people’s experiences as examples for our own lives and listen to everyone’s opinion, but our own. We our own enemies, tearing ourselves down each day thinking that we will never be good enough.

Take a risk by jumping headfirst into the life that you want. Working for yourself and creating what you love every day is the ultimate freedom. So, why wouldn’t you want to start as soon as possible?

Working For Yourself Comes Down To Confidence

Without trying to tear you down, we need to be real for a moment. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities – its because you lack the confidence.

But, you know what the good news is? Confidence, like many other aspects of your personal character, can be strengthened each day. View your confidence as a muscle that you can strength and exercise each day.

Believing that you cannot create the life you want is temporary. This is not a forever state of mind. You can change your path and alter the direction of your creative trajectory at any moment. It’s time for you to decide what you really want during this time on the planet.

We only have so many days, moments and opportunities to make the things we want a reality. If you keep believing that you lack what it takes to work for yourself, you will continue down a path that only brings discontent.

You have the power, knowledge, skill, resources, money, motivation and potential to be your own boss.

Figuring this out isn’t the hard part, it’s tossing aside your fears and apprehensions to dive into the unknown.

Now, you need to ask yourself – are you willing to risk everything, to have the life you truly want? If so, there’s no better time than now to get started.